Monday, July 14, 2008

Checking In............

It's been a while...but since Paula said let's keep the blog up - for motivation and *ahem* accountability - I'm game.

I didn't wear a swimsuit at Keuka - didn't make that goal - and I haven't in fact worn one yet this summer. I also have only run once in the past several weeks - with Becky at the cottage. I plan on running today. Gotta' get back into it or I'll quit for sure.

I haven't been drinking my water like I used to (in school I carried my big bottle everywhere). I've also abandoned the little plate theory which I plan to resurrect again today. I know it helped.

I really haven't been snacking much believe it or not. But drinking beer doesn't help and if you think about the calories - just 4 lite beers has over 400 calories - so I'm crossing beer off my list for a while. That should make a little dent.

I have the Core List from Weight Watchers that Terri gave me - but I have a hard time staying to a list. I'm going to give it a shot though and try to write down everything I eat. I read an article yesterday that said a study showed that people who keep a food journal lose 50% more weight than those who don't. Makes sense. I've always been part of the "if I don't write it down I didn't eat it " club. Kind of like the "if someone eats it with you you cancel each other's calories out" theory.

How's everyone else doing?