Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day Thirty Seven....

Sorry your week was so bad Paula. I'm sure the funerals had something to do with it. I think we're all in the same boat here (except Nicky...shes' young). We bust our butts and nothing happens. I keep telling myself that I'm just going to keep on busting it. Because when I don't...the weight creeps up. Every year I weigh more. So if I don't incorporate some serious lifestyle changes now - I'll be in big trouble down the road.

Right now my knees are killing me from those 2 days I ran. I can't even squat down without pain. And it's all because of this extra lard I'm carrying around. My little frame wasn't designed to lug around an extra 50 pounds! That's like 5 freaking bowling bowls!

Since Paula can't walk Saturday - let's shoot for Sunday after church. After we know who's in - we can decide on East or West side.

Susie said she went shopping for a bathing suit for Vegas and broke down crying in the dressing room. I need to get a new suit this summer too. I'm dreading it. Absolutely DREADING it!

Okay - no more complaining. Let's all aim to get exercise in this week and concentrate on what goes into our mouths. It's the mindless eating that does the most damage. (and we all know how mindless I am these days...)

Hang in there everyone and decide about Sunday. It's supposed to be warm!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day Thirty Six....

Who's up for walking this weekend? I know Nicky is in. Susie will be in Las Vegas. What about the rest of you?

Things seem to be petering out here. Even if you're not losing - don't give up! I can feel changes in my body from all the walking and weight lifting - even if the scale isn't budging.

At least check in here - even if it's too complain about how hard this is. IT IS!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day Thirty Five....

Where is everyone? Are Nicky & I alone here?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day Thirty Four....

Not much activity here................

I walked before church this morning. Two miles. I tried to do the Cto5K - made it through two runs but my groin muscles were killing me! I'm telling you - when you hit 50 it all starts fallin' apart! I was able to walk through the pain - so I'll keep up the walking and start the running again as soon as the pain in the groin subsides.

I'm still doing my weights faithfully and hoping those arms are worth revealing at the wedding!

Congrats Nicky on fitting into your dress! Woohoo!

I need to go shopping and get some decent food in the house. I found Mike's stash pf goodies in the garage (yes - he hides his sweets from me!) so I helped myself to some cookies yesterday. Naughty me.

I'm not seeing the weight drop like I want - but things feel a lot harder. I like that. A little less jiggle factor makes me happy! anyone still hanging in there?

Comment guys!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day Thirty Three....

Well....Mary & I met at our new place and I gave her a tour. Too bad the rest of you missed out! Then we walked the canal to Spencerport, stopped and had coffee and toast (actually she had toast - I had an english muffin) and then walked back. It was about 5 miles, round trip. The weather was awesome and the walk was good!

There are now exactly 6 weeks to the wedding. It will be here before you know it! Mary & discussed that we truly are convinced that exercise is a major component in this weight loss thing. We talked about the book "Fit or Fat" (which we both read many years ago and I am re-reading now. It is an excellent book on the benefits of exercise and has a lot of info that helps explain this whole weightloss dilemma. I'd advise anyone who's interested to check it out of the library or borrow my copy. It's a quick read and will open your eyes to a lot of things!

I'm hoping we can walk together next weekend. (Maybe all of us? Wouldn't that be novel??) Maybe we can even do it later in the day and then have the guys meet us at one of the houses and have a cook-out/campfire). Our place (on Ogden Parma would work) but I'm up for wherever.

I know a lot of people are waning right now - not losing as fast as you'd like - but just keep telling yourselves that every little step you make towards CHANGING a bad habit or INCORPORATING a good one - will have lasting effects.

I'm sick of being the one who sits my fanny in a lawn chair and watches other people play volleyball or Frisbee....I want to be out there too!

Mike & I will probably have a campfire at the Ogden Parma house tonight. If anyone is game- let me know and we can do a cook out. We can play bocci ball - take golf cart rides - cow car for the kids and just hang out. Those who missed this morning's house tour can also get one.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Day Thirty Two...

I didn't do the Cto5k yesterday. My foot is still hurting (I'm still limping somewhat) and I'm afraid I'll do more harm than good. Did Mary & Nicky go this morning? You guys are going to motivate me if you do this!

Rachel's on a roll here now too! Passing up sweets! Way to go Rach!

I'm still doing my weights every other day and under the jellyroll I'm starting to see some definition. Last night I carried a big armload of firewood at Mike's and actually felt pretty strong! C'mon muscles - eat up that fat!

I've been bringing a boca burger on whole wheat bread to school everyday for lunch with either an apple or an orange. And carry my water bottle with me wherever I go. I'll admit - I've been lax on the small pate thing. Gotta get back to that with dinners. And I haven't been eating much in the way of breakfast. I'm always in a rush.

Speaking of which - gotta get ready for work!

Let me now about walking this weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day Thirty One....

Hmmm... Don't know where the picture went that I posted last time. Can't even remember what it was!

If you haven't tossed yesterday's paper - check out page 9F in the Our Towns Section. Our kitchen is featured! But they didn't publish the before shot and the after pic is black and white so it's not that impressive.

Right now I'm trying to get the motivation up to do my Cto5k jog/walk. My foot still hurts and I'm leery.

Sorry Nicky - I can't do your 30 hour famine. I'm booked this weekend trying to get my house in order so we can get it on the market. I've got tons of painting to do!

Haven't heard from you guys about walking this weekend. More input on times & days??

How is everyone doing?

Oh and Nicky...we figured since everyone is dieting we'd serve carrots & celery at your shower and yogurt instead of cake. Is that okay?

NOT! Only kidding! We'll have good chow!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day Thirty.....

Just a quickie...I'm off to work.

Wondering If Mary & Nicky did their "run" this morning! I'm still sore but I'm going to push myself after school to do mine!

I ate good all day until I got home and devoured a whole bunch of almonds. Paula - your idea about a turkey wrap is a good one! I'll try that.

Get in touch with Susie about the shower date so we can book the lodge. Friday - May 16th is what we're looking at. (it's not available Saturday). I have an evite ready to go (as a "save the date" and Susie has the invitations ready.

My arms are getting stronger from my weight lifting. Keep those babies right by the TV! Now if I can get rid of the wings....

Stay strong today. Say no to the chocolate!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day Twenty Nine....

Welcome back Paula and Susie :-)

I am SO sore from the walk Sunday. My right foot is killing me! I wasn't like this after the last walk - which was longer! I'm wondering if the change in seasons has made my arthritis flare up.

Yesterday I did the Couch to 5k too! In spite of my painful foot (which was probably a bad idea..) I did okay though. it was a pain because I didn't have a stop watch so I had to count in my head - 60/90 second intervals. But it went by fast and I actually ran more than the 90 seconds sometimes. (Like if a car was going by or I passed a house with someone in the front yard - didn't want to look like a dweeb stopping my jog - so I kept going.) I'm so weird!

I want to do it again tomorrow - but I'm worried about the foot. Nurse Mary - what would cause pain on the outer middle bottom of my one foot? I'm actually limping. When I woke up yesterday it felt like there was a lump on the bottom of my foot. It was strange....

I have been doing good eating wise AND exercising and yet the scale is not moving like I want it too! Even the day I lo-carbed it (as in hardly ANY carbs -just to get s kick start and zip. Gone are the days I coud drop 5 pounds in 3 days.... it's like my body is say "NO! They're MINE!"

As far as the walk - it appears we have a conflict. I'm pretty open to any time. Could everyone post their available times and we'll figure something out? I know we're walking/jogging on our own during the week - but getting together once a week is fun and motivating (!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day Twenty Eight....

Okay - we've been at this 4 weeks and I'm not seeing the results I want to see! it's like Susie said - you bust your butt all week and drop a few pounds and then one slip up and it's back!

But I'm not giving up. I've been really pushing the exercise - doing my weights and walking and watching my carb intake. Not eliminating them - but making sure they are the good kind.

I am SO SORE after that walk yesterday! I wasn't too bad after the one in Spencerport - but yesterday! Wow! Wonder if because the path was bumpy - because my feet (especially my right one) are killing me! Anyone else hurt?

I'm off today (no one calls in sick the day after spring break - you're not "allowed" to) but I have to work tomorrow. So I'm getting right out there this morning and walking again.

Next weekend - where are we walking? I was thinking maybe we could start in Spencerport and walk the canal heading east to Gillette Road. That would take us right by the new house and you guys could see our progress! It's 2.32 miles one way. if we do a round trip it's almost 5 miles. Doable. Or we can start at the house and walk to Spencerport and get (a healthy) breakfast there. Depending on the time we go or the day. Either day is okay with me. (Mary....they have an Abbott's there....)

Susie - are you going to finally join us on this one? We really do have a good time!

Have a good Monday. Eat less. Move more.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day Twenty Seven....

Oh yes...this is just what I need! A Padded fanny Girdle!
Okay - so we're walking the canal path near Mary's house. Meeting there around 1:30ish.

If Paula & Susie are back in town and up to it - come join us...tell us about your vacations and walk off some of the food you ate all week!

Yesterday I finished the day off with over 11000 steps! I also ate like a mouse all day - avoided ALL carbs for 24 hours (hard thing to do) but I need to kick start this thing. And today - I'm up a pound! #@!*&@

I'm not giving in. It's got to come off sooner or later.

Okay - see you after church!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day Twenty Six

There are exactly 7 weeks till the big day!

I walked the old route Pat & I used to do today. It's exactly 4.28 miles. (I mapped it on Map My Walk ). When I was about 1/2 mile from home - Mike drove up and needed me to take him to the other house. He'd left he car there last night - so I didn't get to complete the whole walk. But I still walked for an hour and logged in about 3 3/4 miles. The weather was awesome and my new MP3 player from Mike's mom made it bearable since I was alone and had no one to talk to.

As for tomorrow's walk - why don't we plan on meeting at Mary's around 1:30ish. We can decide from there where to walk. Unless it's raining - let's go for it!

I haven't been doing too well the past few days. had a run in with some oreos down at the cottage (note pic I put on the side bar the other day...was that a freaking omen or something??)

Anyway - the resolve is back and now that spring break is over I'll be back at school and on a tighter leash eating wise.

Let me know who's in tomorrow. Lurkers welcome!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Day Twenty Five...

Mike & I went down to the cottage last night to see how things fared over the winter.

All is well :-)

Are we walking Saturday or Sunday? Let me know!

Right now I'm headed over to the other house for a campfire. If anyone feels compelled - stop by! We'll give you a tour of the new house. It's such a nice night!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Twenty Four...

I think Mary is right. About the sweating part. ('d think with all the hot flashes I have these days I'd weigh about 112!) But she's talking about a different kind of sweat. The kind she'd get when she used to run. Or the kind we'd get when we did aerobics. The dripping - I need to take a shower kind of sweat.

When Pat & I used to do our 3 mile walks (which we did rather frequently for many years) we'd be sweating when we got home. (At least I would be!) We walked fast and after the first 2 miles it was difficult not to exert energy especially since part of it was uphill.

I hate to walk alone. it's boring. When we girls did the canal walk 2 weeks ago - that was fun and it flew by. I never got tired of walking or focused on the finish line because we were yakking so much. But there's no one here to walk with. (Mike doesn't like to walk....I have to drag his butt at the lake just to get him to take a walk with me.) I think because he's on his feet all day at work - never sits once - even eats lunch (if he even eats lunch) standing up.

I have been doing my weights. Keep them right by the TV and do 3 reps each of 4 different arm exercises with 10# weights. At least when I finally lose the flab I'll have some definition under there. I hope.

Back to the walking. I need to MAKE myself do it. EVERY DAY! And I need to get a new pedometer - which I'm doing today. Because my scale isn't budging now either!

As for Mary losing incentive because she bought the dress.... I know how that goes. But keep telling yourself that a 10 lb. loss will make your face look slimmer!

And we're not just shooting for the wedding now - it's that dock party at Keuka on the 4th! remember? Swimsuits??

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day Twenty Three.....

Is anyone else having trouble posting a comment? Susie said she wrote one the other day and it never showed up.

It looks like Nicky & I are up for a walk this weekend. Who else is in? And which day is better? Either works for me. The weather is supposed to be nice so there's no excuses!

Last night Mike & I made a campfire out in the yard - burned all our old branches from the trees we chopped down. And we ordered a pizza and wings. So I'm out in the yard and mindlessly eating. Three pieces of the pie and three wings! It's hard to eat on a small plate and stop between each bite when you're standing in front of a campfire.

I'm feeling bloated now. And mad at myself.

And I'm wondering how you guys are all doing? If you tell me you're losing and exercising and being all good - I'll be more motivated! If you tell me you're struggling and slipping up too - I'll feel more human.

Just want to know what's happening!

And about the walk - where? East side I'm assuming. How about a walk through the park?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day Twenty Two.....

Oh wow - I'm really messed up here on what day this is. It's Actually Day 22! Not sure what I did a while back. The countdown #'s are right - just the day numbers are screwed up.

Damn menopause!

I wasn't going to post today. Figured I'd see if anyone noticed since no one seems to comment and I feel like I'm preaching to cyberspace....

But then Nicky left a comment (it went on yesterday's post) so I figured Id better stick with it. Go Nicky!!

Has everyone done their taxes? Tomorrow's the deadline. Grrr. We have to pay about a grand this year. Go figure. They may as well just keep the stinking rebate check we're entitled to. Save themselves the stamp. Don't get me on a roll here but when Nixon died the Federal Government shut down for a day to honor him (wait..he resigned in dishonor right? Hmmmm...) Anyway - it cost the government 400 million dollars to shut down for a day! (Why you ask?) Because they had to pay a whole lot of people to work that day anyway because they couldn't truly shut down and still function - but since it was a declared "holiday" the employees got paid time and a freaking half!! So yes...I'm a tad miffed as I write the check this year (especially since our income this year was squat.)

Okay - had to vent so I wouldn't eat.

I am DEFINITELY walking this weekend. Who's in and where shall we go?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day Nineteen....

So we all petered out on the walk because of the cold. We are total wimps... I will say though - that I think it was in the best interest of my knee not to go.

Nicky, you're very right about the muscle weighing more than fat - except I doubt I've built up that much muscle in so short a time. Wouldn't that be nice though *sigh*

Today I'm pulling out all the stops and having a total non-carb day. Believe me...I'm in no way pushing the lo-carb route - it's just that I need to kick start this diet with some kind of substantial weight loss (even if it IS water - and even if I DO have to give up my precious carbs for one day.) I need motivation! Gone are the days when I could go on a diet and drop the pounds like melting butter. Ah to be young....

You'd think though since I'm so freaking overweight that the pounds would be coming off faster than they are. Aren't fat people supposed to be able to lose more quickly than their skinny counterparts?

So how IS everyone doing so far? I noticed we all had cake on our plates at the shower.... But hey - so did the skinny people so there must be some element of this we're missing here.

Anyone got any clues???

Oh..and my dumb pedometer broke. Dang AARP! The other ones I fished out the drawers are all shot too. The only one working measures miles and I want STEPS. So it's off to get another one this week. It's been the only real positive thing I've done that is giving me progress.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day Eighteen..........

I'm not doing too well in the losing department. I've been eating lots more fruit, using the small plate and taking way less portions than normal and packing a healthy lunch for school. And getting more steps in than normal - in spite of my knee. It actually seems much better. I can hike tomorrow. And I only have a tinge of bruising around my eyes. A little makeup and it just looks like I haven't gotten much sleep. (which I don't (!) with the darn night sweats ~ speaking of which..I'm having a hot flash right now) pause while I rip off my bathrobe here....

So the scale has gone up a pound! This is why I always get frustrated!!

How is everybody else doing?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day Seventeen...

I'm doing much better (see comment on yesterdays' post...) Am going to work anyway. Need the $! I'm still making bloody boogers but so far my schnoz isn't looking too bad. No bruising that I can see - just a little swelling. And the knee feels better. Still limping but I think I'm going to live!

Can't write much because I have to get to school. Paula - have a great cruise!! I'll see the rest of you tomorrow at the shower but will write more tonight if I can.

Is Eryn still alive?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Sixteen....

Yesterday I only logged a little over 5000 steps on the pedometer. I tried to walk with Rachel but the wind had kicked up and we had Austin and it was blowing in his face so we only walked about 10 minutes before heading back. Which shows me that I need that 2 mile walk every day to get those 10,000 steps.

I'm telling you guys - put one on and you'll automatically start taking more steps. It's all about moving and that silly little thing is like a thorn in my side telling me to move!

My major downfall each day is right after work. For some reason I'm conditioned to come in the door and go right to the fridge. Of course having lunch at 10:30 each morning doesn't help. (That's my usual lunch hour at school). So yesterday I brought an orange to tide me over but I STILL went right to the fridge.

Today I'm off so we'll see if those afternoon munchies hit or if it's just a conditioned response. (Remember after school as a kid? First ting we did was check for a snack.) I'm trying to see my eating patterns here and come up with counter attacks. Any suggestions?

Also - I wish you guys would check in daily. Even if you just write "Hanging in there!" so I know that writing this daily thing isn't falling on deaf ears.

Mary is down 5 pounds! Cool beans! She is safe from the pig nose for now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Seventeen....

It's Day Seventeen and the troops are waning. Have you guys fizzled out already??? You are all still planning to hike with Nicky & I Sunday aren't you?

Yesterday I did great with my pedometer - 12,804 steps! it helped because I worked (and I walk a lot when I work traveling to different parts of the building - and I took Austin for a 2 mile walk too. (I walked - he rode!)

Gotta run to work - will post more after school. I sure hope there are some comments.

I may have to purchase several more pig noses!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day Sixteen.....

Nicky - you're doing great but don't aim for such big losses in one week! The only way you can make a loss like that is to severely restrict your calorie intake which will backfire! Your metabolism will slow down and your body will actually start hanging on to every calorie instead of burning them. See this post ! You want to be healthy for that wedding too (so you can enjoy the honeymoon) tee hee!

I wore my pedometer yesterday (didn't get it on until about 10:30 though) and logged 4,180 steps. That's a far cry form 10,000! But I absolutely did notice that I walked and moved a lot more than normal and was conscious of it all day. If I'd walked my 2 mile route I would've made a lot more progress! Austin woke up vomiting though (and luckily I didn't get called into work) so I was home all day inside with him. I did try to get on the Gazelle but he kept walking in front of it and I was afraid I was going to take him down! I know - lame excuses. I could've got back on it while he napped but I got involved with other stuff that needed to be done....

I'm curious to see what I walk today at school. (The pedometer makes a little noise with each step I students are going to tease me for sure - high school kids....) Especially since the thing says AARP across the front. I'll try to hide it...

So where is everyone??? The pig nose is up for grabs. It's pink in case you want to color coordinate your dresses...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Day Fifteen....

This weekend wasn't so good for me. Weekends never are. But it's Monday and my resolve is back. I'm finally feeling sore from that walk Saturday. I guess it took a few days for my muscles to realize what happened. I don't have to work today so I'm going to make sure I walk and enjoy the weather.

I need to go grocery shopping and get some fruit in the house. Mike also bought some chocolate marshmallow ice cream (he must've had it hidden in the freezer downstairs) but it's up here now (saw the remnants of the wrapper this morning) so that will be a feat to resist!

How did the rest of you do over the weekend? Any weight lost? I'm trying to keep it straight on the side bar so if I mess up -let me know. I don't have anything yet for Eryn, Rachel or Debbie. And Mary...when you weigh in (after you pee) I'll get rid of the +lbs because you hadn't officially started yet right? Just let me know what to put there.

If Pam was doing this with us she'd already have lost 14 pounds!

Last night on "I Can Make You Thin" the guy said.....(I'm paraphrasing here because I can't remember his words exactly) If it's measured - it will get done. What he was referring to was wearing a pedometer. He said if you are actually measuring your steps - you'll automatically walk more. He also said the difference between fat people and thin people is about 2000 daily steps. I have several pedometers here. I'm going to start wearing one today. I'll try to round up the extras I have and bring them Sunday for anyone who wants one.

He said to measure your normal steps the first day. Then try to keep adding more each day till you reach 10,000 steps a day. You'll automatically find yourself taking the stairs, parking farther away, walking to a co-worker's office instead of sending an e-mail.... I wonder how many steps that walk we took was! And I bet Paula, if you wore a pedometer on the cruise you'd be amazed at the walking you did! You'd probably beat us all!

Okay...I'm off to start my week! Going to make some oatmeal & raisins and a second cup of coffee.

Go for it this week! Aim to drop TWO pounds!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day Fourteen!

It's been two weeks ladies! I don't' have losses to post for some of you in the side bar (mainly because you haven't sent them to me). There have been losses, right?

Yesterday at Paula's we weighed in. We had all our clothes on so it wasn't truly accurate. But at least it was a starting point. We "assigned" weights to those of you who weren't there (hee hee). I weighed the most (of that would surprise anyone!)

We talked a lot about our goals...shared tips for healthy meals and decided that we definitely want to all go swim suit shopping together. We are going to strut our "stuff'" on the 4th at Keuka! I'll be far from my goal weight but I intend to have lost enough to wear a swim suit again! No more hiding my arse like the pic above!

I actually don't feel too sore considering we walked 7 1/2 miles. I think working out on my Gazelle got me primed . So I have this awesome morning and then I go and blow it by eating too much the rest of the day. But today's a new day so I'm just moving on not letting myself get into the "I blew it so I may as well quit" mentality - which was my downfall for years.

Debbie & Steve stopped by my house while we were walking...Hey Deb - you should've joined us! Sorry I missed you guys!

So...look or those fat & skinny pics (I only have mine & Nicky's so far). Get out and walk today and eat some fruit! (Nicky brought her baggie of carrots, grapes & cucumbers with her on the walk) she's serious about this! Go Nicky!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day Thirteen....

So today's the day for our big walk and it's freaking 37 degrees right now! But it's supposed to go up to 59 so maybe it'll warm up quickly (it's on 7:30 right now...)

Nicky sent her fat/skinny pics to me. I'm going to try to play around and see how I can crop them before I put the on the site. BTW Nicky...your "fat" pic isn't all that bad! You don't really look fat to me!

I'm assuming Mary & Andy are having fun at the Casino and will take us all out with their winnings when they return!

Susie mentioned the carb thing.....thank goodness that craze is over! I know lo-carb diets "melted" the weight off - but so unhealthy! And who could stick to that anyway? I'm just trying to eat what I want - make healthier choices - but just eat LESS! Mom told me that years ago. She said her OBGYN (Bruce) told her - eat as you normally would - just cut it in half and you'll lose weight. We're just used to such big portions these days! I remember when I first got married and started filling my plate up to match what Pat had on his. I never used to eat that much. And it became a habit. I swear - the small plate thing is helping me immensely. That and slowing down. (You know us Grant's - we're speed eaters!) Paula can vouch for that...I think Michael is the fastest of us all!)

Oh - and those southwest salads at Wegman's? Didn't know about that! I was totally bummed when McDonald's stopped selling theirs! It was awesome! I'll have to check it out!

Last thing - check out the latest link on the side bar - Hungry Girl. It's an awesome site full of great info!

And I'm going to start sending a reminder each day about the site. Some of you have gone AWOL! And Debbie - let us know how WW is going!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Day Twelve...

Are some of you losing steam? Haven't seen as much activity comment wise. I don't know about you guys, but seeing all your comments makes me want to try even harder so I'm not the biggest slug at the wedding. When I don't see comments I think....ahhh...they're not really trying today....guess i can slack off too!

But so far- slack off, I have NOT! I'm down another pound Woohoo! I rode (would you call it rode?) my Gazelle yesterday morning before work and I pushed myself so I did break out in a sweat. I like the thing! It's easy on my knees and very quiet.

Last night I dreamt I was at some fat camp (like the Biggest Loser) and we had to do pull-ups. We were in the neighbor's back yard (on McGuire) and I did 25 pull-ups on the monkey bars! I was so proud! truth be told...I doubt I could even do one! But the feeling it gave me in the dream made me want to try! Can you believe I'm actually dreaming about EXERCISE??

I miss the days when we were younger and it was a given that Mary & I were always involved in something! Remember Mar? Aerobics (at so many different places), Jazzercise, that Woman's Health Club.... and Susie tagged along as she got older too. (Back when we first started caring about our weight...Susie was this disgustingly thin little teenager!)

If any of you have access to a scanner - here's' what I want you to do. Find a pic of you when you really were in good shape. E-mail it to me and I'll post it on the site. For motivation. If you want to send your worst pic too - I can post that along side it. Double motivation!

I'm going to try to do that sometime today. In the meantime...keep moving....keep going on those fruits & veggies (yay Nicky!) and don't forget the nuts and whole grains. Eat slo-o-o-o-wly and use a smaller plate. I'm not kidding yo - the slow trick is really making a difference here. I'm getting fuller much faster and am satisfied with much less. Don't forget the water too. Drink lots!

Happy Friday! See you all tomorrow morning!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day Eleven.....

How's everybody doing? Last night I ate dinner at 5:30 instead of 8, 9 or even 10 with Mike as I usually do and told him this would now be the norm. I'm pretty convinced that my eating habits since I met him have a lot to do with the size I am now. (I've put on 30 pounds since we met!!!!)

I try to wait to eat with him and inevitably have a little SNACK to tide me over which turns into a full fledged meal or worse - a binge. Then I ear again when he comes home! Or...I eat my own meal at the normal time and he comes home and fixes something that smells way too good to pass up & I end up eating two dinners. NO MORE!

I've been telling myself for too long that when we move into the new house it will change. He'll be working right outside in the shop and I can call him in for dinner - or bring it out to him. But at a normal time! But it's been way too long waiting for the darn house to get finished and at this point I doubt we'll be in before summer. I can't wait any longer.

Last night I went to bed before he made his own meal so I wasn't tempted. Small victory for me!

I have a good recipe for a heart/diet healthy snack you can prepare in baggies and bring with you for car munchie attacks, or at your desk at work - bored attacks. 1/2 cup plain cheerios, 1/4 cup dried cranberries and 1/4 cup plain almonds. It satisfies the crunchy, sweet need and is very good for you. (I read it in the "You-On a Diet" book and it's very tasty and satisfying!)

Just so we're all on the same page - Saturday at Paula's house - 10:30. Hope it'll be warm and dry. And that hike next weekend sounds so cool! Thanks Nicky for the idea!!! One of the things I miss about Pat not being here is that we used to hike a lot. Mike's not a walker...or hiker. This will be well needed!

Don't forget to post you losses, log your exercise and pass along tips (and humor) that's always a plus! Also - I think you can check the box on the comment page for follow up comments to be e-mailed directly to you so you don't miss any. You have to check it each time you comment though and it will mail the follow up comments.

But still visit the site at least once a day to see the stats in the side bar and any new posts or pics. If you have anything you want me to post on the site - pictures, cartoons, etc - e-mail them to me and I'll out them on.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day Ten...

Ten days already guys! It's moving fast. I can only write a bit now - gotta go to work. I'll post more after school. in the meantime - let's get Saturday on the books!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day nine....

It's another day closer to the Big Day! I think when all is said and done we should go out together shopping for a new dress to wear to the wedding. We can help Mary find a mother of the bride dress too. Nicky & Eryn (who all have theirs already - duh) can shop for something to wear to the rehearsal dinner! Or....We can wait till the END of June (lose even a little more) and all go out shopping for bikinis! Well...probably not bikinis (Charlotte Beach isn't ready for us yet) but at least new bathing suits.

I HATE shopping for a bathing suit more than I hate cleaning under the rim of my toilet. Those three way mirrors (which I'm convinced they got from the carnival outlet store) make my butt look like a football field. I come home feeling like crap - with no suit in hand and consequently only swim if it's SO hot I think I'm going to melt and no one is around.

This year - let's make one of our little goals to be a to all hang out at Keuka on the 4th this year - on the deck - in our swimsuits - without hiding under three towels and a pair of shorts.

Today is suppose to be really nice! Is anyone available to meet somewhere and walk? I get out of school at 2:15. If not...I'll walk myself - but I am GOING to walk!

Mary had a mini victory yesterday with that Panera bread spread at work. Don't know if I could've been that strong. Chocolate croissants? Gheesh!

Okay - gotta' run to work. Stay strong - eat slow - take the stairs - park farther away. it all adds up!