Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day Thirty.....

Just a quickie...I'm off to work.

Wondering If Mary & Nicky did their "run" this morning! I'm still sore but I'm going to push myself after school to do mine!

I ate good all day until I got home and devoured a whole bunch of almonds. Paula - your idea about a turkey wrap is a good one! I'll try that.

Get in touch with Susie about the shower date so we can book the lodge. Friday - May 16th is what we're looking at. (it's not available Saturday). I have an evite ready to go (as a "save the date" and Susie has the invitations ready.

My arms are getting stronger from my weight lifting. Keep those babies right by the TV! Now if I can get rid of the wings....

Stay strong today. Say no to the chocolate!


Nicky said...

Well, my mom did go for the run this morning!!! YAH FOR MARY!! I woke up late and decided I could either go run with her and get ready quick after OR I could skip the run and go later with Jill, then have time to pack all our fruit and what not. Eryn slept over last night and decided to reorganize the pantry at 1am. I didn't get much sleep!! I opted for the fruit packing. (it takes some good time chopping all that stuff up and measuring it out.)

Didn't loose any more than what I have on my record but atleast after a really bad week of eating i'm back to where I was after I lost that first hunk. Woo hoo!

Stress unfortunetly has the best of me right now, so much to do, so little time. We have a bunch of events I have to plan at church and by the time I'm done with the first i'm behind on the next. They also have never had a VBS and now that they have a new building, they want me to make one up from scratch as well as make curriculum for k-6 for the whole summer, all by May.. PEACHY! that on top of the wedding plus my other full time job.. = STRESS. Stress unfortunetly does not help us loose weight. Any ideas?

Nicky said...

Hey guys.. heres a thought. Our church is doing a 30 hour famine. WHAT A GREAT DIET KICK OFF!!

I also am in major need of volunteers for our event here!! More kids than I thought were coming. Anyone interested? Help me out, it'll be lots of activities and slimming juice diet! wooo hooo!