Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day Twenty Nine....

Welcome back Paula and Susie :-)

I am SO sore from the walk Sunday. My right foot is killing me! I wasn't like this after the last walk - which was longer! I'm wondering if the change in seasons has made my arthritis flare up.

Yesterday I did the Couch to 5k too! In spite of my painful foot (which was probably a bad idea..) I did okay though. it was a pain because I didn't have a stop watch so I had to count in my head - 60/90 second intervals. But it went by fast and I actually ran more than the 90 seconds sometimes. (Like if a car was going by or I passed a house with someone in the front yard - didn't want to look like a dweeb stopping my jog - so I kept going.) I'm so weird!

I want to do it again tomorrow - but I'm worried about the foot. Nurse Mary - what would cause pain on the outer middle bottom of my one foot? I'm actually limping. When I woke up yesterday it felt like there was a lump on the bottom of my foot. It was strange....

I have been doing good eating wise AND exercising and yet the scale is not moving like I want it too! Even the day I lo-carbed it (as in hardly ANY carbs -just to get s kick start and zip. Gone are the days I coud drop 5 pounds in 3 days.... it's like my body is say "NO! They're MINE!"

As far as the walk - it appears we have a conflict. I'm pretty open to any time. Could everyone post their available times and we'll figure something out? I know we're walking/jogging on our own during the week - but getting together once a week is fun and motivating (!)


Nicky said...

Aunt Laurie, do the couch potato thing every other day. When your starting to run, you don't want to do it every day or you'll hit a road block and be out of commission.

Went down one pound yesterday(instead of the two I hoped for but I guess since I had wendys and went over my points that's actually pretty good haha) Today my mom and I start the fruit and veggie and nut bags. It's only 8:30 but so good so far! haha.

Didn't work out this morning because we did yesterday, but may take Jill for a long walk. Figure i'll run ever other day so I dont over do it.

Wish me luck!

My availibility for this weekend is Saturday after 1pm and then Sunday after 1:30pm. Sorry I wish I could do early Saturday, but I have this event.

Nicky said...

Oh also, My feet and legs hurt alot after our walk last sunday as well. I think it was because it was loose gravel, which makes you work harder. Also it was so hot out that our legs started out warmed up, and so they didn't get a chance to go through the process of warming up, so our muscles were all loose but not strong loose. That's my thought on it atleast haha. Oh and that area is hilly too.

PS I weighed my self again after I put my running clothes on which were pretty light compared to the sweats I was wearing the first weigh in this morning, and i'm down those 2 lbs!! WOO HOO. Back to my 8 lb deficit.

Also I decided when I walked/ran with Jill today to wear actual work out clothes.. which means tight breathable stuff that if your fat you would never leave the house in. Helped me to keep my posture straight and belly in since everyone could see every imperfection. Also motivated me to keep going and not eat bad after because I could actually see how bad I looked.. those parts should be hanging over like that!!

Paula said...

Ewww, yesterday was not a good day. I ate very healthy but alot of it. Today, I am at work and being good. I had my breakfast, a banana after Jazz and a salad for lunch. Now, if I can make it through dinner eating normal...Why is this so hard?? I know what I need to do but, I keep shoveling the food in anyways....Good luck on the running you guys, I am getting the bike out tonight and Alex is going on a ride with me.

Have a great day!!