Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day Fourteen!

It's been two weeks ladies! I don't' have losses to post for some of you in the side bar (mainly because you haven't sent them to me). There have been losses, right?

Yesterday at Paula's we weighed in. We had all our clothes on so it wasn't truly accurate. But at least it was a starting point. We "assigned" weights to those of you who weren't there (hee hee). I weighed the most (of that would surprise anyone!)

We talked a lot about our goals...shared tips for healthy meals and decided that we definitely want to all go swim suit shopping together. We are going to strut our "stuff'" on the 4th at Keuka! I'll be far from my goal weight but I intend to have lost enough to wear a swim suit again! No more hiding my arse like the pic above!

I actually don't feel too sore considering we walked 7 1/2 miles. I think working out on my Gazelle got me primed . So I have this awesome morning and then I go and blow it by eating too much the rest of the day. But today's a new day so I'm just moving on not letting myself get into the "I blew it so I may as well quit" mentality - which was my downfall for years.

Debbie & Steve stopped by my house while we were walking...Hey Deb - you should've joined us! Sorry I missed you guys!

So...look or those fat & skinny pics (I only have mine & Nicky's so far). Get out and walk today and eat some fruit! (Nicky brought her baggie of carrots, grapes & cucumbers with her on the walk) she's serious about this! Go Nicky!


Paula said...

I agree, it was a great walk yesterday. Though my butt was a tad sore, that's ok, I walked it off at the mall today with mom and Sarah. We did our last of the shopping for our cruise--looking forward to it.

I was good yesterday in the eating department but, today has been a totally different story. I know I am PMSing but, no excuse. Mike is helping me feel better; when he bought stuff for dinner, he bought chicken kabobs with vegetables.

I did weigh myself today even though I said I was waiting until Monday and lost 1 more pound. Laurie, you and Nicky are great inspiration, I have not been this into losing weight in a long time--THANK YOU!! I hope I can carry this inspiration on the boat. This week looks very busy and I am going to try and use this to my advantage and pack healthy snacks.

Nicky said...

That's great aunt paula! Walking the mall is always a fun way to get some exercise.

My mom and I walked today about 2 miles. It took us almost as long as it took us saturday to walk 7.5!! haha but it was hilly, and my mom's blood sugar was crashing so we had to take it easy. We left our car at pittsford plaza so we had no choice but to keep going...

Ate really well today though. I had a craving for somthing greesy and salty. I had bought some tator tots the other day at the store so I had those. They did just the trick. I didn't fry them though, I just baked them. I got them from Aldis and from the ingredients they seem for the most part healhty. They have some oil in them, but I figured it would be okay. A good way to get out that fried food craving with out actually eating fried food! But just make sure to stick with in the serving size. (I had two servings, :-( but I justified it since I didn't do any nuts today, I figured I could use a little good fat)

Mary said...

The walk was good today aside from my hypoglycemia. I technically started my plan Monday 3/31 so my official weigh in day will be Mondays. I will let the group know tomorrow after I pee, and get on the scale first thing in the morning naked!!