Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day Thirty Six....

Who's up for walking this weekend? I know Nicky is in. Susie will be in Las Vegas. What about the rest of you?

Things seem to be petering out here. Even if you're not losing - don't give up! I can feel changes in my body from all the walking and weight lifting - even if the scale isn't budging.

At least check in here - even if it's too complain about how hard this is. IT IS!


Nicky said...

Nicky Here.. as usual. WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE?? This weekend, were all walking. Everyone who is here. No if's ands or buts.

Also ladies, it's all about choices. Yesterday I saw something I wanted to eat, and had a long battle with myself over whether or not to make one exception. Finally I chose not to eat it, and felt better for a little while, until later when I wanted to eat it again! But I still resisted and found other things or healthier choices to occupy my time.

So today, when you have something you want to make an exception for, try and remember you have the power not to eat it! What's more important; a temporary satisfaction, or looking HOTT(!) in your dress at the wedding???

Oh, and I'm done another pound SUCKERS!! (Just kidding, I really am down another, but I am cheering you all on as well!)

Paula said...

I'm here--things suck! I am having a hard time sleeping which makes me eat to stay awake during the day and it's not healthy stuff I crave. After getting through last week I thought things would get better but they're not. I am trying really hard to eat healthy and tried to 'no carb' for a jump start--well, that lasted 10 hours. I am jazzing 4 or 5 days this week--Wednesday is my only iffy one. I can not walk this Saturday. Sarah has a game at 11:00 and I am working the concession stands at 3:00. (We all have to take one turn working them for the boys games and the boys have to work the girls games). It had better warm up!!

Alright, now that I have complained and bitches, I feel so much better and I am going to try and change the attitude right here and now. I want to lose 10 pounds between now and the wedding and another 5 before July 4th weekend. I am in for the rest of the haul. Sorry I wasn't blogging this weekend--I was not a happy camper. Long story--which is really why I didn't walk on Saturday--tell you some other time.

Ready to have a great rest of the week and thanks to Laurie and Nicky for the motivation--let's do it Laurie and make the rest jealous-Nicky, you already are making me jealous!! Have a great day!