Monday, April 7, 2008

Day Fifteen....

This weekend wasn't so good for me. Weekends never are. But it's Monday and my resolve is back. I'm finally feeling sore from that walk Saturday. I guess it took a few days for my muscles to realize what happened. I don't have to work today so I'm going to make sure I walk and enjoy the weather.

I need to go grocery shopping and get some fruit in the house. Mike also bought some chocolate marshmallow ice cream (he must've had it hidden in the freezer downstairs) but it's up here now (saw the remnants of the wrapper this morning) so that will be a feat to resist!

How did the rest of you do over the weekend? Any weight lost? I'm trying to keep it straight on the side bar so if I mess up -let me know. I don't have anything yet for Eryn, Rachel or Debbie. And Mary...when you weigh in (after you pee) I'll get rid of the +lbs because you hadn't officially started yet right? Just let me know what to put there.

If Pam was doing this with us she'd already have lost 14 pounds!

Last night on "I Can Make You Thin" the guy said.....(I'm paraphrasing here because I can't remember his words exactly) If it's measured - it will get done. What he was referring to was wearing a pedometer. He said if you are actually measuring your steps - you'll automatically walk more. He also said the difference between fat people and thin people is about 2000 daily steps. I have several pedometers here. I'm going to start wearing one today. I'll try to round up the extras I have and bring them Sunday for anyone who wants one.

He said to measure your normal steps the first day. Then try to keep adding more each day till you reach 10,000 steps a day. You'll automatically find yourself taking the stairs, parking farther away, walking to a co-worker's office instead of sending an e-mail.... I wonder how many steps that walk we took was! And I bet Paula, if you wore a pedometer on the cruise you'd be amazed at the walking you did! You'd probably beat us all!

Okay...I'm off to start my week! Going to make some oatmeal & raisins and a second cup of coffee.

Go for it this week! Aim to drop TWO pounds!


Nicky said...

Alright, I'm at a 8lb. Loss. I really have only lost 1 since last thursday. Kinda sad since I walked a lot this weekend.

I think Maybe my muscle is starting to pull in... Once you start excersizing many gain weight before they loose it, but then it just melts off. I'm really hoping that is the case.

The lady I nanny for has the South Beach Diet book. She flagged some pages on good vegetables and fruits verse bad ones for me. She knows I don't eat meat, but thought I could follow some of the principles. She also stocked her fridge full of lots of fruits and vegetables, (she is going into surgery on her knee wednesday and wont' be able to work out), but she said i'm free to dig in!

I was detoxing last week, and I made it a full week, but since i've flattened out on the weight loss I think I am going to add my grains back in.. (I don't want my body to go into starvation mode!) I was eating a lot but it needs those grains. That way I can exercise more too.

My Goal this week is 5 lbs. I know it's a lot but I figure aim high! And I am being healthy about it, I put all my points in weight watchers, and make sure I get to 22 points.. even if I have to force feed myself! haha. Alright, that's all for now.

Nicky said...

Since nobody has commented.. I'LL JUST WRITE MORE!

My mom and I went to dinner for Andy's Aunt Ida's birthday. VERY HARD TO BE GOOD.. we split a plate of rigatoni and pesto sauce, it was good. I did the eat slowely thing and didn't even get through half my share before I was full. Good tip aunt laurie! (I stopped too when I full haha). I was nervous about going out since i've been so strict. But I did well, and I seem to be not craving the bad food much. Now that i've added grains back in, I seem to be doing ok with that... COOL BEANS... see all you fatties at the wedding. (JK)

Debbie said...

Sorry Lauie I'm having a hard time doing the blogs. I haven't really done much, I've been dieting for 2 1/2 years and haven't loss any thing. I eat so healthy, watch my sugar, don't eat fried food or fast food, but I sit a work all day. Plus I don't get to eat much all day at work so I go 6 to 7 hours before I get anything. Anyway maybe I'll get to weight watchers this week. I'll try and figure out that blog thing.