Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day Thirty One....

Hmmm... Don't know where the picture went that I posted last time. Can't even remember what it was!

If you haven't tossed yesterday's paper - check out page 9F in the Our Towns Section. Our kitchen is featured! But they didn't publish the before shot and the after pic is black and white so it's not that impressive.

Right now I'm trying to get the motivation up to do my Cto5k jog/walk. My foot still hurts and I'm leery.

Sorry Nicky - I can't do your 30 hour famine. I'm booked this weekend trying to get my house in order so we can get it on the market. I've got tons of painting to do!

Haven't heard from you guys about walking this weekend. More input on times & days??

How is everyone doing?

Oh and Nicky...we figured since everyone is dieting we'd serve carrots & celery at your shower and yogurt instead of cake. Is that okay?

NOT! Only kidding! We'll have good chow!

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Rachel said...

Hey Y'all! It's Rey-Bunny here just checking in! Guess what? As you know since last friday I have decided to drop some serious weight for my big day. So far...I lost 4 pounds! And Curtis wants to let you guys know that he lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks (I think that has something to do with him being sick) I lost weight because of that too. But hey I kept it off just like he did. Water is now my best friend. And ho-hos are my enemies. So, lastnight I attended this candle party with my best friend and there were sweets galore. They even set all the cupcakes on our table. They were offering them all night and my stomach was growling. But, I did not give in (even though they looked sooooo good) I just filled up on water. And it worked. I have only had ONE sweet all week and that was a snickers bar (needless to say I felt terrible about it). As you may know I have a HUGE sweet tooth I used to eat up to four sweets a day!!! Sometimes I would even sit down with my old best friend...Ben and Jerry's and eat the whole entire pint! Now I don't even eat 1/2! So I am getting there! Keep it up ladies! If I can lose 4 pounds in 6 days so can you!