Friday, April 4, 2008

Day Twelve...

Are some of you losing steam? Haven't seen as much activity comment wise. I don't know about you guys, but seeing all your comments makes me want to try even harder so I'm not the biggest slug at the wedding. When I don't see comments I think....ahhh...they're not really trying today....guess i can slack off too!

But so far- slack off, I have NOT! I'm down another pound Woohoo! I rode (would you call it rode?) my Gazelle yesterday morning before work and I pushed myself so I did break out in a sweat. I like the thing! It's easy on my knees and very quiet.

Last night I dreamt I was at some fat camp (like the Biggest Loser) and we had to do pull-ups. We were in the neighbor's back yard (on McGuire) and I did 25 pull-ups on the monkey bars! I was so proud! truth be told...I doubt I could even do one! But the feeling it gave me in the dream made me want to try! Can you believe I'm actually dreaming about EXERCISE??

I miss the days when we were younger and it was a given that Mary & I were always involved in something! Remember Mar? Aerobics (at so many different places), Jazzercise, that Woman's Health Club.... and Susie tagged along as she got older too. (Back when we first started caring about our weight...Susie was this disgustingly thin little teenager!)

If any of you have access to a scanner - here's' what I want you to do. Find a pic of you when you really were in good shape. E-mail it to me and I'll post it on the site. For motivation. If you want to send your worst pic too - I can post that along side it. Double motivation!

I'm going to try to do that sometime today. In the meantime...keep moving....keep going on those fruits & veggies (yay Nicky!) and don't forget the nuts and whole grains. Eat slo-o-o-o-wly and use a smaller plate. I'm not kidding yo - the slow trick is really making a difference here. I'm getting fuller much faster and am satisfied with much less. Don't forget the water too. Drink lots!

Happy Friday! See you all tomorrow morning!


susie said...

Well, I reached my goal for the first week of 2lbs!! Thats good, but I need to keep motivated. The weekend is going to be the true test for me. I like to have some beer and Jeff's around tempting me with late night garbage plates and greasy breakfast. I will obstain, I will obstain.
FYI- Southwest turkey salad at Wegmans is AWESOME. You can get it in the deli-case. It comes with a lime dressing, not sure how good that is for me, but when eating a huge bowl of dark green salad and tons of other Veggies, I am not too worried about it. Tip- I am sure you all know, dont pour the dressing all over the salad, if you pre-measure and then dip each bite in, you will find you probably wont use the whole amount.
I am in for the walk in the morning assuming the weather is decent, if not maybe we can walk the mall?
One more thing I heard this week from several sources. Potaoes ( did I spell that right?) Are good again- I said all along, I wont give them up- they are reporting that whole carb craze was nothing but a fad! YIPPIE~!
I will look for pictures, but any I have of thin me might be pretty old.

Nicky said...

I didn't weigh myself this morning, I usually do it where I nanny so I can stay accurate. I won't be there till Monday so that is a way for me to stay motivated over the weekend. So when I do weigh myself it will be a happy surprise!

Walked for two hours yesterday on the canal with my friend Danielle (she is in the wedding). She actually may come walk with us tomorow if you guys don't mind. She needs the support too! (although she may be motivation for us, she has naturally skinny legs, makes me so jealous!)

Aunt Sue, Try organic Red Wines. They are really good for you, and I assume will do the trick when you go out with your friends. Plus you'll look all sassy with your glass of wine.. also you won't add on those extra calories.

The comments help a lot guys, I agree with aunt laurie, when I see no comments I feel like the effort has dwindled.

Also I have a skinny picture from the cruise we all went on, of Danielle and I in our bikinis, I keep it on my mirror in my room. I don't have a scanner but I will try and take a picture of it.

KEEP EATING HEALTHY! And I will see you all tomorow!