Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day Thirty Seven....

Sorry your week was so bad Paula. I'm sure the funerals had something to do with it. I think we're all in the same boat here (except Nicky...shes' young). We bust our butts and nothing happens. I keep telling myself that I'm just going to keep on busting it. Because when I don't...the weight creeps up. Every year I weigh more. So if I don't incorporate some serious lifestyle changes now - I'll be in big trouble down the road.

Right now my knees are killing me from those 2 days I ran. I can't even squat down without pain. And it's all because of this extra lard I'm carrying around. My little frame wasn't designed to lug around an extra 50 pounds! That's like 5 freaking bowling bowls!

Since Paula can't walk Saturday - let's shoot for Sunday after church. After we know who's in - we can decide on East or West side.

Susie said she went shopping for a bathing suit for Vegas and broke down crying in the dressing room. I need to get a new suit this summer too. I'm dreading it. Absolutely DREADING it!

Okay - no more complaining. Let's all aim to get exercise in this week and concentrate on what goes into our mouths. It's the mindless eating that does the most damage. (and we all know how mindless I am these days...)

Hang in there everyone and decide about Sunday. It's supposed to be warm!


Nicky said...

Well ladies, Sunday works for me, after 1pm. I need to add exercise in too.

It's really hard to start exercising when you haven't done it for a while, and I know what you mean aunt laurie. It's hard to do it when your carrying extra baggage. You can't do as much and get tired easier. You feel like your in someone elses body, or like a fat suit. I keep telling myself, THAT POUCH ISN't SUPPOSED TO BE THERE, MY BOOBIES ARN'T SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE FLAP JACKS, YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE CELLULITE ON YOUR ARMS!!!

We can change that. Make good choices, Push yourself. Don't try and take on a challenge to big, just try to add more healthy stuff to take up the place of all that bad stuff. Try counting calories. See how much you are actually eating when you think you are being healthy.

I know you all can do it! You just need to believe in yourself and remember it when your reaching for that extra knife-full of butter, or the sneak or potato chips.

Oh, and I don't think i'm loosing cause I'm young, I think i'm loosing because I am working really hard, and am motivated because I have to wear lingere for the first time in 5 weeks in front of my fiance, and I dont want to look like a cow!! So don't get discouraged because I am young that it will be harder for you, work hard!

Paula said...

I am in for Sunday, too. I got a great nights sleep last night and it's amazing how much better I feel today. I didn't go to Jazz but, I have been workin my butt off cleaning this house. (I am a week behind because of last week.)
I even have been good about my eating. I just had a nice salad for lunch with lots of veggies and some turkey and am going back to work to stay away from the fride. I feel your pain with the bathing suit ordeal. I bought 2 suits for the cruise and 3 cover ups. I spent more time in the cover ups. I want my goal to buy a tankini by 4th of July. I have never been able to wear one respectably and that's why I have never worn one. Nicky, you are just the inspiration I need...Laurie, we are going to do this...little changes make a BIG difference. I keep telling myself when I go for the sweets--Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...

Have a great day and thanks you guys!!!