Friday, April 18, 2008

Day Twenty Five...

Mike & I went down to the cottage last night to see how things fared over the winter.

All is well :-)

Are we walking Saturday or Sunday? Let me know!

Right now I'm headed over to the other house for a campfire. If anyone feels compelled - stop by! We'll give you a tour of the new house. It's such a nice night!


Debbie said...

You guys are doing great. I've been getting out walking too. I don't weigh myself. I just go by my clothes and they aren't getting bigger. Anyway I don't know how to do the blog thing so I'm responding this way. Good luck and see ya soon. Debbie

Eryn said...

sorry...i always have trouble signing in to leave comments on that site! But I do go and read and enjoy everyone else's comments and the daily pictures, hehe.
I've been walking every day for hours out in the sun. My friends and I go outside around 1pm and dont come home until about 6pm so I've been walking everywhere. I'm also avoiding really greasy foods which is my usual problem. Doin ok....but don't have a scale so I'll have to weigh myself next time I'm at someones home that owns one. Great job everyone!