Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day Eleven.....

How's everybody doing? Last night I ate dinner at 5:30 instead of 8, 9 or even 10 with Mike as I usually do and told him this would now be the norm. I'm pretty convinced that my eating habits since I met him have a lot to do with the size I am now. (I've put on 30 pounds since we met!!!!)

I try to wait to eat with him and inevitably have a little SNACK to tide me over which turns into a full fledged meal or worse - a binge. Then I ear again when he comes home! Or...I eat my own meal at the normal time and he comes home and fixes something that smells way too good to pass up & I end up eating two dinners. NO MORE!

I've been telling myself for too long that when we move into the new house it will change. He'll be working right outside in the shop and I can call him in for dinner - or bring it out to him. But at a normal time! But it's been way too long waiting for the darn house to get finished and at this point I doubt we'll be in before summer. I can't wait any longer.

Last night I went to bed before he made his own meal so I wasn't tempted. Small victory for me!

I have a good recipe for a heart/diet healthy snack you can prepare in baggies and bring with you for car munchie attacks, or at your desk at work - bored attacks. 1/2 cup plain cheerios, 1/4 cup dried cranberries and 1/4 cup plain almonds. It satisfies the crunchy, sweet need and is very good for you. (I read it in the "You-On a Diet" book and it's very tasty and satisfying!)

Just so we're all on the same page - Saturday at Paula's house - 10:30. Hope it'll be warm and dry. And that hike next weekend sounds so cool! Thanks Nicky for the idea!!! One of the things I miss about Pat not being here is that we used to hike a lot. Mike's not a walker...or hiker. This will be well needed!

Don't forget to post you losses, log your exercise and pass along tips (and humor) that's always a plus! Also - I think you can check the box on the comment page for follow up comments to be e-mailed directly to you so you don't miss any. You have to check it each time you comment though and it will mail the follow up comments.

But still visit the site at least once a day to see the stats in the side bar and any new posts or pics. If you have anything you want me to post on the site - pictures, cartoons, etc - e-mail them to me and I'll out them on.

Happy Thursday!


Nicky said...

Lost another pound! I have been working very hard. By the time I eat all those fruits and vegetables I dont' really have room for anything else. It literally takes me all day constantly eating to eat 8 servings of fruits and vegetables. I take a long time chewing haha. Anyways, I am starting to feel good, and I have a lot of energy too.

Eryn and I are starting running together 4 days a week. We figure it will be easier if we push each other on. I may be a bit faster than her but I can either run fast by my self once a month, or a I can run 4 days a week at a slower pace. The 4 days a week sounds better to me!

Saturday at 10:30 also sounds good, I'll be there. And the Hike the following Sunday works, since Saturday is Adam's fiances Bridal shower. We That is in a week and a 1/2, we should all have a short goal for then, and encourage eachother at the shower, since there will probably be tons of goodies and what not!

Nicky said...

This is a rochester based adirondack hiking/adventure site. They hold lots of hikes on the weekend locally and other fitness activities.

Just a thought to change things up every once and while, challenge ourselves. I know Aunt Laurie was saying she doesn't hike much anymore.

Mary said...

I walked the pooch, did some stretching and I have been taking stairs at work instead of the elevator. We had spagetti squash for dinner. Its a great Weight Watcher recipe and very filling. I microwave the squash (pulls out with a fork just like spagetti) Saute some onions, garlic in a lil olive oil, add canned chopped tomatoes and canellini beans. Pour over squash, yummy and virtually fat free! (You can sprinkle parmesan cheese on top)