Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day Eighteen..........

I'm not doing too well in the losing department. I've been eating lots more fruit, using the small plate and taking way less portions than normal and packing a healthy lunch for school. And getting more steps in than normal - in spite of my knee. It actually seems much better. I can hike tomorrow. And I only have a tinge of bruising around my eyes. A little makeup and it just looks like I haven't gotten much sleep. (which I don't (!) with the darn night sweats ~ speaking of which..I'm having a hot flash right now) pause while I rip off my bathrobe here....

So the scale has gone up a pound! This is why I always get frustrated!!

How is everybody else doing?

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Nicky said...

Man, I had a bad weekend. Friday and Saturday I ate bad foods. I figured though since I had been so good I could afford to splurge a little. My fast melting off has ended, now it's about 1-2 lbs a week. I guess that is good too.

Aunt Laurie, when you start walking a lot you may gain a pound or two just because your working your muscles, which ofcorse weigh more than fat. Once you get them moving though eventually the fat will just burn off, and you'll look thinner even if maybe you only lost a few pounds because that fat will be TONED! Just keep working don't give up!

Oh, man, back to my strict eating habits. Honestly, the splurging this weekend wasn't even worth it. The food wasn't that great, and I could have done with out it. Don't ya hate when you do that! Ok ladies, keep strong.. we gotta get this done!