Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day Thirty Three....

Well....Mary & I met at our new place and I gave her a tour. Too bad the rest of you missed out! Then we walked the canal to Spencerport, stopped and had coffee and toast (actually she had toast - I had an english muffin) and then walked back. It was about 5 miles, round trip. The weather was awesome and the walk was good!

There are now exactly 6 weeks to the wedding. It will be here before you know it! Mary & discussed that we truly are convinced that exercise is a major component in this weight loss thing. We talked about the book "Fit or Fat" (which we both read many years ago and I am re-reading now. It is an excellent book on the benefits of exercise and has a lot of info that helps explain this whole weightloss dilemma. I'd advise anyone who's interested to check it out of the library or borrow my copy. It's a quick read and will open your eyes to a lot of things!

I'm hoping we can walk together next weekend. (Maybe all of us? Wouldn't that be novel??) Maybe we can even do it later in the day and then have the guys meet us at one of the houses and have a cook-out/campfire). Our place (on Ogden Parma would work) but I'm up for wherever.

I know a lot of people are waning right now - not losing as fast as you'd like - but just keep telling yourselves that every little step you make towards CHANGING a bad habit or INCORPORATING a good one - will have lasting effects.

I'm sick of being the one who sits my fanny in a lawn chair and watches other people play volleyball or Frisbee....I want to be out there too!

Mike & I will probably have a campfire at the Ogden Parma house tonight. If anyone is game- let me know and we can do a cook out. We can play bocci ball - take golf cart rides - cow car for the kids and just hang out. Those who missed this morning's house tour can also get one.


jenima said...

Thats great that you got in the walk, have a good weekend

Nicky said...

Well ladies... I fit my wedding dress!!! Not just fit but actually starting to look good in it, and need some parts taken in!!

I am getting it fitted Saturday so this week i'm going to go into turbo so I can make sure its where I want to be... But the only thing that has worked for me, is exercise, trying to get atleast 2 hours everyday of walking or somthing. (an hour walk, 30 minute workout dvd, and a 30 minute pilates) Don't say you can't fit it in, because there is always time. Try giving up that tv show, or that hour surfing the internet.

Ok, well today is a SUNDAY which always means a new week for me, so I am going to work my butt off this week, and get my baggies done. The stress from the even is off and most of the wedding stuff is working its way to be taken care of, so I can finally take a week and relax, and enjoy a good walk with out my mind panicking about something else!

Hi Jenima, nice to see we have fans haha. Are you in our boat too??

Well we have 6 weeks to the wedding and 10 weeks till 4th of July (includes 6 weeks). So ladies, I hope your toning as well as loosing so we can look good in those bikinis.. Or tankinis for some of us.. :-)

I DEF can walk next weekend. Either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I do have a dress fitting Saturday so we'd have to work around that, but I think it may be in the afternoon, you'll have to talk to the mother on that.

Nicky said...

OH one more thing.

at our 30 hour famine we focused on world hunger. It got me to thinking a lot about me overeating and feeling bad about myself, and thinking some people dont get a chance to eat, let alone over eat. Maybe for the next 6 weeks we can think anytime we want to overeat, what are we spending and not overeat but also put that money in a jar, and we can send it all to world vision after 6 weeks. Let me know what you think??