Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day Thirty Four....

Not much activity here................

I walked before church this morning. Two miles. I tried to do the Cto5K - made it through two runs but my groin muscles were killing me! I'm telling you - when you hit 50 it all starts fallin' apart! I was able to walk through the pain - so I'll keep up the walking and start the running again as soon as the pain in the groin subsides.

I'm still doing my weights faithfully and hoping those arms are worth revealing at the wedding!

Congrats Nicky on fitting into your dress! Woohoo!

I need to go shopping and get some decent food in the house. I found Mike's stash pf goodies in the garage (yes - he hides his sweets from me!) so I helped myself to some cookies yesterday. Naughty me.

I'm not seeing the weight drop like I want - but things feel a lot harder. I like that. A little less jiggle factor makes me happy! anyone still hanging in there?

Comment guys!


Nicky said...

Well Guys, I think you should keep it up! I'm down 11 lbs!! And I've definitely had my break downs! Like I said, the packing fruit & veggies thing, definitely works well!

It's helped me a lot since I don't always have days I can work out, like today.. RAINY! Yuck. I'll have to try some work out tapes. Also get to bed earlY! MOre sleep equals more weight loss! (plus less late night binges!).

Ok, that's all I got ladies, keep it up, I know you guys can do it! Let's all walk this weekend!


Debbie said...

I've been reading all the comments. Thought I would try and see if I can get this to work. Anyway I've been bike riding and walking alot. Don't have a scale, just hope some weight will come off soon. I've been trying. Nicky 11 pounds that great, don't think you were heavy at all. See everyone soon.