Monday, April 14, 2008

Day Twenty Two.....

Oh wow - I'm really messed up here on what day this is. It's Actually Day 22! Not sure what I did a while back. The countdown #'s are right - just the day numbers are screwed up.

Damn menopause!

I wasn't going to post today. Figured I'd see if anyone noticed since no one seems to comment and I feel like I'm preaching to cyberspace....

But then Nicky left a comment (it went on yesterday's post) so I figured Id better stick with it. Go Nicky!!

Has everyone done their taxes? Tomorrow's the deadline. Grrr. We have to pay about a grand this year. Go figure. They may as well just keep the stinking rebate check we're entitled to. Save themselves the stamp. Don't get me on a roll here but when Nixon died the Federal Government shut down for a day to honor him (wait..he resigned in dishonor right? Hmmmm...) Anyway - it cost the government 400 million dollars to shut down for a day! (Why you ask?) Because they had to pay a whole lot of people to work that day anyway because they couldn't truly shut down and still function - but since it was a declared "holiday" the employees got paid time and a freaking half!! So yes...I'm a tad miffed as I write the check this year (especially since our income this year was squat.)

Okay - had to vent so I wouldn't eat.

I am DEFINITELY walking this weekend. Who's in and where shall we go?

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Nicky said...

I'm in for a walk!

Who's Nixon??? (Just kidding :-))

Now that i'm in the wedding crunch, and my dress fitting is in two weeks (which I just realized!) I need to go into turbo mode with this weight loss thing.

Well I dont have much to write cause I wrote on yesterdays comment wall today as well... but ladies.. DONT GIVE UP! I believe you are all going to meet your goals for the wedding if you stick with it, and have some freaking confidence in your selves.

Our pastor preached Sunday about how Jesus ascended to the right hand of God to plead our cases. I think he's also pleading with God for miracles for our weight loss! Just kidding.. But He gives us strength to do amazing things, I think we can trust in him for strength to loose some silly weight!! So have some faith ladies, put it in God's hands, and when you feel the need to eat bad, get out your Bibles and pray.

That's all I got. LOVE YOU ALL! (skinny or fat!!)