Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day nine....

It's another day closer to the Big Day! I think when all is said and done we should go out together shopping for a new dress to wear to the wedding. We can help Mary find a mother of the bride dress too. Nicky & Eryn (who all have theirs already - duh) can shop for something to wear to the rehearsal dinner! Or....We can wait till the END of June (lose even a little more) and all go out shopping for bikinis! Well...probably not bikinis (Charlotte Beach isn't ready for us yet) but at least new bathing suits.

I HATE shopping for a bathing suit more than I hate cleaning under the rim of my toilet. Those three way mirrors (which I'm convinced they got from the carnival outlet store) make my butt look like a football field. I come home feeling like crap - with no suit in hand and consequently only swim if it's SO hot I think I'm going to melt and no one is around.

This year - let's make one of our little goals to be a to all hang out at Keuka on the 4th this year - on the deck - in our swimsuits - without hiding under three towels and a pair of shorts.

Today is suppose to be really nice! Is anyone available to meet somewhere and walk? I get out of school at 2:15. If not...I'll walk myself - but I am GOING to walk!

Mary had a mini victory yesterday with that Panera bread spread at work. Don't know if I could've been that strong. Chocolate croissants? Gheesh!

Okay - gotta' run to work. Stay strong - eat slow - take the stairs - park farther away. it all adds up!


susie said...

Yes, we need to get together and celebrate with a nice walk or something. Not sure what the weather is suppposed to do this weekend, but if its decent let take a walk down the canal path early Sat or Sunday morning. We can go for a HEALTHY breakfast after.
I am, still only down 1lb. I did work out again last night and I am going to a class this morning. I am trying to do 3 sets of 10 push-ups and sit ups every night while watching tv. I do them during the commercials. I HATE getting off the couch, but Nora does push ups everynight and the shape of her shoulders and back is awesome. I am not able to do a full push up yet. I need to keep my knees bent on the floor. I have such a hard time with the food... I think about it way too much, WTF?

Nicky said...

Well I failed last night at making it to the gym. Lame excuse too. I forgot my gym bag and just figured I'd work out at home. But when I got home I didn't want to do anything. I really need to just go and do it right when I get off work.

That idea about doing push ups at night is good though. I keep trying to do them in the morning before work, but I have to leave at 6:50 in the morning, and the snooze just looks better than push ups and abs around that time. I'll try to do them at night, it may work better. Especially during that tempting evening TV.

I lost 2 more lbs. I have been doing really good with this pumping up the fruits and veggies. I had 6 servings yesterday. After you eat that much fruit and vegetables you really don't have room for any other crap. I also have been doing nuts. I know they are super fatening, but good fat. If I eat just the serving size, it holds me over longer than my simple carbs that are so alluring, plus nuts actually taste good. Also since I don't eat meat, I can afford the extra calories there.

I am up for walking any time this weekend, except Sunday morning because of church.

Nicky said...

I am also starting a 5k plan on weight watchers, I am going to try and add the print out version of the plan on here:


Also if you are not a runner yet, here is the from walking to running plan:


Hopefully those will work.

Paula said...

Thanks ladies!!

I am up for a walk either Sat or Sun, just let me know where or when. If you want we could start here and walk down to the canal path and either go towards Brockport or Spencerport, have a healthy breakfast and walk back. Walk off a few of our breakfast calories...

Nicky, I have been working on the fruit too. I am not a fruit eater so my goal was to eat atleast 2 fruit a day. Vegetables are not a problem..just fruit. Also, I keep some cashews and almonds at work and eat a couple when it's too early for lunch and the stomach is growling. It really works and I'm not so starving at lunch and I don't pig out. I love the idea of working on different things during commercials Suze, I think I'm going to try it. (I just can't do a push up to save my life) Maybe I'll keep the weights under the couch and work with them.

Mary--you get kudos for your will power the other day!!!

Mary said...

Laurie-are you seriously writing at 3am?? I did good yesterday and today as well. Made egg salad this weekend and took a sandwich to work. When I pack a lunch it really helps that way I eat when I am hungry instead of waiting until I could eat a horse and head to the cafeteria. I read an article yesterday comparing thin to fat peoples lifestyles. Thinner people move more. So it encourages people NOT to sit ever, and if you have to, do something else at the same time. Amazing how I can find an hour to play on the internet but cant find the time to workout!
I didnt get up early this morning like I planned. I HATE to leave my bed in the morning. My bed is the best part of my life! Any tips on early morning exercise?
(Nicole is downstairs doing a dance routine to the TV. Go Nicole!) I have an evening meeting so I have to head out again. I will do handweights tonight while I watch Idol, another best part of my life! Sad huh?

Mary said...

We are going to the Casino to see a concert Friday and staying over night. Sunday would work for me but after church only. Lets see how the weather is. If you guys want to go this week without me we can plan to do early saturday mornings ongoing and whoever makes it,makes it. My friend Kathy meets a friend weekly and they do a 10mile walk under 2 hrs! We could strive to do an hour first week, add 15mins each week to get to two hours? (With a breakfast to follow duh!)

Mary said...

Oh, and I took the stairs today at both Stong and Highland for all my visits!

Lora said...

No! I wasn't up till 3 am! I think the time stamp is set to a different time zone. I actually posted at 6:47 this morning - before work.

Shall we shoot for a walk Saturday morning (10ish?) If it isn't snowing or raining? And then next Saturday Mary can join us? This week can meet on the west side and next week on the east side.

I'm all for a healthy breakfast afterwards...but what would be healthy? When I have a menu in front of me I get possessed! But if you all promise not to cave I may be able to order a whole wheat bagel and lots of coffee.

I think meeting every Saturday is great idea! We can have a set time & place (we can make a schedule as to where each week) and whoever can go - goes! Only stipulation is - if you're not going - let everyone know so one fool doesn't show up all alone!

And Nicky - your 5k plan is a good idea! I also have plan called couch to 5k that's probably similar. We could all run a marathon together someday! Maybe get ourselves on Oprah! Oh wait...did that already LOL

AS for push ups...I can do about 5 or 6 with my knees on the ground (been practicing) but with my toes only? No freaking way!

Mike came home with a Gazelle last night. You know that wierd exercise machine that the guy with the pony tail touts on late night infomercials? He got it for 30 bucks on Craig's List. I just did 30 minutes on it while I was talking to Rachel about wedding plans. It was easy. Maybe too easy. But at this point at least I'm moving!

How about meeting at Paula's at 10 or 10:30 and walking the canal trail to Spencerport? We can go to the diner in town (it's a nice place - we used to go there after church a lot when the kids were all still living with us.)

We can discuss the shower too.

Who's in?