Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day Twenty Three.....

Is anyone else having trouble posting a comment? Susie said she wrote one the other day and it never showed up.

It looks like Nicky & I are up for a walk this weekend. Who else is in? And which day is better? Either works for me. The weather is supposed to be nice so there's no excuses!

Last night Mike & I made a campfire out in the yard - burned all our old branches from the trees we chopped down. And we ordered a pizza and wings. So I'm out in the yard and mindlessly eating. Three pieces of the pie and three wings! It's hard to eat on a small plate and stop between each bite when you're standing in front of a campfire.

I'm feeling bloated now. And mad at myself.

And I'm wondering how you guys are all doing? If you tell me you're losing and exercising and being all good - I'll be more motivated! If you tell me you're struggling and slipping up too - I'll feel more human.

Just want to know what's happening!

And about the walk - where? East side I'm assuming. How about a walk through the park?


Nicky said...

Thanks for the blog today. I was starting to think everyone had given up. This weekend was no bueno for me. I was bad! haha. However I am not going to get mad at myself. What is the point, then I just do worse. Instead I am going to counteract my 5 bad days (ok so it was more than just this weekend!) with 10 good days.. and i mean REALLY good days. Just got to do another jump start. I tried to start it today but after spending all morning at the Museum (where not only did I have my two, but there were over a zillion others running and screaming) my head ache urged me for pop and chocolate. I little caffiene pick me up I guess. But I will run it off tonight so I feel better.

This weekend Sunday may be better or later Saturday. My mom and I have a hair appointment in the morning but i'm not sure the exact time.

The minute I started slipping was when I stopped packing my baggies of fruits and veggies. I need to start doing that again. Also I need to be going to bed earlier, because when I wake up to the alarm and not on my own, I get cranky and dont want to eat, then in the afternoon I crash and pig out. SO TIP.. Get sleep and eat a good healthy breakfast. (That means no butter, or cheese ladies!) then pack my fruits and veggies in baggies and make sure that they are top priority. I am thinking maybe smoothies for breakfast...

WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE REST OF YOU??? Any luck? (In my 5 binging days..which were really bad! I only gained back 3 lbs, so i'm still at a loss. I think I can get back to where I was by Friday then start trying to shed more.)

Mary said...

I have been doing pretty good. Andy and I walked in to the village tonight and instead of pizza slices like we usually do, we both got salads. So 2mi walk for salads is good huh? My scale is not moving however and it really pisses me off. I have learned in the past that the only way to SHED is to sweat. Thats the part I am having trouble with. I bought my dress last weekend with Nicole too, and it fits, so there goes my incentive. I am going to forge on tho- 10# would be awesome and thats still hard work.
So, thats my story!

Nijole said...

Interesting to know.