Monday, April 21, 2008

Day Twenty Eight....

Okay - we've been at this 4 weeks and I'm not seeing the results I want to see! it's like Susie said - you bust your butt all week and drop a few pounds and then one slip up and it's back!

But I'm not giving up. I've been really pushing the exercise - doing my weights and walking and watching my carb intake. Not eliminating them - but making sure they are the good kind.

I am SO SORE after that walk yesterday! I wasn't too bad after the one in Spencerport - but yesterday! Wow! Wonder if because the path was bumpy - because my feet (especially my right one) are killing me! Anyone else hurt?

I'm off today (no one calls in sick the day after spring break - you're not "allowed" to) but I have to work tomorrow. So I'm getting right out there this morning and walking again.

Next weekend - where are we walking? I was thinking maybe we could start in Spencerport and walk the canal heading east to Gillette Road. That would take us right by the new house and you guys could see our progress! It's 2.32 miles one way. if we do a round trip it's almost 5 miles. Doable. Or we can start at the house and walk to Spencerport and get (a healthy) breakfast there. Depending on the time we go or the day. Either day is okay with me. (Mary....they have an Abbott's there....)

Susie - are you going to finally join us on this one? We really do have a good time!

Have a good Monday. Eat less. Move more.


Mary said...

Nicole and I started Couch Potato this morning, hard to get out of bed but feels so good! Its only 20mins plus a 5min warm up.
I am in for next weekend, lets just plan to go real early in the day Saturday.
Nicole is buying produce today and going back to veggies/fruit and eating them all day long. She is going to pack my "baggies" for me. Its like eating a salad someone else makes, mmm good, but make it yourself, yuk!
I really believe the running is the key. If you walk, then really speed it up and sweat. There is no easy short cut when your metabolism is sluggish. You eat less, and it just slows down more. Its like you have to fight the wind, plow through it, sweat it off! All the FAT LOSER programs on TV show major weight loss, but they work out, work out, work out. Keep weights by the television and do them on the floor while your watching. Never just SIT.
OK, better get to work now!

Nicky said...

Yes, My mom and I ran at 6am this morning (well more like 6:20, we got off to a rough start). But hey, we got out there and did pretty good.

I took the running stroller out with Jill and did a 4 mile block that her mom had told me about. I ran about half of it, WALKED THE HILLS! They are deathly. I got back and their father was still home and told me I was pretty brave to choose that path, he would never try it. (that made me feel good since I walked half haha, but again those hills were brutal, I had been forwarned by the mom but I was still surprised)

Anyways it felt good to work out and it also gives me something to do with jill now that it is Nice out. I think I am going to do that route Mon,Wed,Fri and then a shorter one the other days that leads to the play ground for Jill. By shorter I mean half! haha.

My mom is starting the fruit baggies as well, as she mentioned, I am off to Aldis when I get off work to buy and then prepare them for us for the week. So far it has been the only thing that has worked. But now since i'm adding cardio as well, it may get me past that plateau that i reached.

I did gain 2 lbs from my 8 pound deficit but hopefully after all this running today and good eating, maybe it'll be gone tomorow! Wishfull thinking. Ok well I know I wrote a novel here but I wanted to let you guys know I havn't given up, and am finding new ways to get these pounds to set up camp on someone elses booty.

Nicky said...

Like my mom said, on those weight loss shows they work out for like 8 hours a day. I am working on getting 3 hours in (although i'm counting that hour in front of the tv doing push ups and stuff haha.

Paula said...

Well, it wasn't so bad, I gained one pound. I am planning on working hard and get rid of that pound plus 3 more this week. I bought a bunch of different fruits and vegetable today for this week and have gone back to my salads. I am also doing spring cleaning...I just sat down for a break and decided to blog. I am in for the walk this week; and we could start at your house Laurie and walk to Spencerport and back...I too, would like to start early on Saturday. Maybe 8ish.

Laurie, I have a suggestion for your afternoon munchies after school. Take a slice of turkey or lean roast beef, spread spicy mustard and sprikle with vegetables(bag salad works), roll up and eat it. It gives you a protein boost and will get you over the hump until dinner. (You can have 2 and not ruin your diet) I use it for my 3:00 munchies now and then.

Have a great day!!

Nicky said...

Ladies, I have an event that I planned at the church this weekend and will not get out of it until 11am Saturday Morning. So the morning is out for me. But if that is a better day for the rest of you I guess I can take my turn in missing out this week :-(. Sunday is better for me in the afternoon most weeks, only because with the wedding coming up every saturday after this one is filled with appointments and fittings and all that jazz... but again majority rules, get the most when we can, so just let me know.