Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Seventeen....

It's Day Seventeen and the troops are waning. Have you guys fizzled out already??? You are all still planning to hike with Nicky & I Sunday aren't you?

Yesterday I did great with my pedometer - 12,804 steps! it helped because I worked (and I walk a lot when I work traveling to different parts of the building - and I took Austin for a 2 mile walk too. (I walked - he rode!)

Gotta run to work - will post more after school. I sure hope there are some comments.

I may have to purchase several more pig noses!


Mary said...

5# weight loss as of today, ding ding ding ding!!!!
No pig nose for me!

susie said...

Sorry I have been absent, I have been reading your comments and getting inspiration, just havent had time to write anything. I am down one more lb. , was hoping for 2 lbs this week, I doubt that will happen by the morning. Friday is my weigh in day, I'll let you know. Mary killed me on Wednesday by brining in a massive pastry spread for breakfast- She made sure to point out to everyone that I was eating 1/2 of a giant chocolate chip muffin!! I couldnt resist- that or the small corner of a raspberry sconce- Bitch did it deliberatly to set me back, I know it.
I dont think I can go on the hike Sunday. Time is just too valuable this week. We have lacross Saturday morning and then the shower in the afternoon. I am working all day Monday and Tuesday and we are leaving for Virginia on Wednesday. I would love to help with the invites Nicky, I will try to make it over for a little bit. Let me know what time your planning on.