Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day Twenty Seven....

Oh yes...this is just what I need! A Padded fanny Girdle!
Okay - so we're walking the canal path near Mary's house. Meeting there around 1:30ish.

If Paula & Susie are back in town and up to it - come join us...tell us about your vacations and walk off some of the food you ate all week!

Yesterday I finished the day off with over 11000 steps! I also ate like a mouse all day - avoided ALL carbs for 24 hours (hard thing to do) but I need to kick start this thing. And today - I'm up a pound! #@!*&@

I'm not giving in. It's got to come off sooner or later.

Okay - see you after church!

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Paula said...

Hello girls, I'm baaaackkk!! It was a great time. I did eat too much sometimes and was good others. We snorkeled 2 1/2 hours in the Cayman Islands on Monday and climbed a 600 foot waterfall on Tuesday. We walked everywhere--when Sarah and I made Alex and Mike shop with us. I am not weighing myself until Monday--Yesterday, I had to go to a funeral and then Mike and I did yardwork. I removed ground cover for 3 hours and am paying for it right now. I am doing only laundry today--my back and legs hurt so bad--you would think I was 90.
My goal is to Jazz atleast 4 times this week, I have my mamogram on Wed and Sarah and Alex both have games on Wed. I will walk around at the games but--that doesn't count. I came home ready to jump into this and have been eating really healthy, problem is, I split a botttle of wine with Mike last night for dinner. I think I am not drinking anymore until I lose 10 pounds....We'll see how long that lasts...