Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Sixty Five....

Okay - is Fat --r Paula??? We're all confused here.

Too bad Nicky has Mary to rat on her! Glad no one is here watching me 24/7!

I did my Cto5k yesterday. I sure hope this running stuff is the key to weight loss. I've been faithful to the letter on this. (not so much on the eating though....)

Gotta run to work - just wanted to check in.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day Sixty Three...

I'm back! We spent an extra night - couldn't resist.

I did really good with my running - Becky came with me and kept me going.

Even though I ate some junk - I didn't over do it and with all the walking and the 2 running workouts - I actually lost a pound!

Mary - why don't you exchange the dress for the next size up. It's better you feel comfortable all night! If it's too snug you'll be self-conscious. The carb diet may work - but from what I've read it's mainly water loss the first week.

Don't forget all - Mike thinks that the Bachelorette party has been changed to be at his house on Friday in case you talk to him.

I'll write more tomorrow. I'm still unpacking & doing laundry.

And did I Mention Mike's mom is driving me crazy over this party????

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Fifty Eight....

I won't be checking in again till Monday night. Heading to the lake today.

Try not to stuff yourselves (me included!)

Get in some exercise wherever you.

(Yesterday I fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn in a year.) Wow...I'm fitting into my old fat clothes now.) It's a start.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Fifty Seven....

Is it day 57 or m I confused? Whatever - it's coming up fast!

Looks like we're not walking this week. We're headed down to the lake for the weekend - kids are all coming (except Yellie & Dan) so I'm happy to get them all there plus Mike!

I did my Cto5K this morning and polished off the 3 minute runs again. I was so worried about them. But Monday starts the 5 minutes runs. Now those I'm afraid of! I'll be doing the first one at the lake and am making Becky come with me. She'll probably leave me in her dust....

I'm officially down 5 pounds now. Fifty seven days to make 5 pounds. Woopdeedoo....

But I can tell the exercise is working and I'm feeling optimistic about all this. Maybe I WILL wear a bathing suit at Keuka on the 4th. Speaking of which...Aunt June tried to make me feel really guilty about not coming to the wedding thing that weekend..... Did she talk to any of you guys?

How are the rest of the troops doing? Out there hitting the pavement? Fat melting right off of your puckery little thighs? Anyone else get their girdle thingy that Mary & Nicky are raving about? (Susie...whose car are you taking your off in this time?)

Okay guys - less than 3 weeks! Let's ROLL! (and made a mispell when you said 15 POUNDS by the wedding right?)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Fifty Five......

I started week 3 of Cto5k. And I did it! Granted the longest runs were only 3 minutes long - but I still did it with out stopping and even ran an extra segment at the end.

The eating had been a little better too. I think doing the exercise make you more aware of your body & what you put into it. Not that I'm perfect! But at least I feel I may be turning a corner here.

Susie - you'll be happy to see I logged your correct weight tee hee!

Paula - wish I knew you had all that fruit salad left over - I'd have traded you for the gigantic load of past I brought home! At least your left overs are healthier than mine!

I had my southwest chicken salad today and it was yummy. LOVE those things!

Nicky - hope you're feeling better. Ea what the Dr. said and take it easy on the exercise. You DON'T want to be sick for the big day! Which incidentally is coming up really quick!

Let me know about walking this week girls. I'm headed to the cottage either Thursday night or Friday. The kids will join me Friday night (except Yellie & Dan). Mike said he's coming but I'm not holding my breath. He's a workaholic and there's nothing I can do about it.

And response to the last few comments about dieting being so hard - DITTO! It sucks!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Fifty Four.....

Skipped a few days....sorry! Busy with Yellie being home & the shower. No one here had any blowouts Mary! Did everyone in your house or just you?

I'm on a mission too. Three weeks to go and counting. I'm wearing the dress i wore to Cathy's wedding. Everyone has seen it but I haven't worn it since then and I like it so that's what I'm wearing. And it fits. And will even if I lose some more weight. I'm really trying to get those arms in shape. The muscles are there now -it's the fat covering them that sucks!

I did my Cto5k yesterday. Haven't skipped any days since I started. Next week starts the 3 minute runs. I'm enjoying this more than I thought. I feel so much like I've accomplished something.

Nicky - did you enjoy the shower? We all had fun!

Okay - off to church.

Are we walking this week? Turning Point? let me know!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day Fifty....

So Mary & I didn't do the park after all. Busy day. Hope you get better before the shower Nicky!!

Susie - the +15 was just to see if you were paying attention!

I did my Cto5k today. Yay for me!

I want to devour everything in sight though. Good thing I can't find Mike's stash!

I think we're planning on doing the park this weekend. We can discuss it at the shower Friday. I'm teaching till 3:20 but will get to the shelter by 4:30.

Fun Fun Fun!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Forty Nine.....

Oops. Forgot to check in yesterday (and no one noticed anyway....)

So - are we walking tonight? I'm planning on it if every one's game. The weather is supposed to be nice and Turning Point Point Park looks awesome.

I started week 2 on Cto5k and upped the running time. It was easy. I love this program! it feels like I'm done in no time at all! I do get pretty sweaty though - which is good - but means I need a shower ASAP after I'm done. yesterday Rachel waked in the house & said "What's that smell?"

It was me.

So let me know about tonight. (The pic is of part of the trail at the park.)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day Forty Seven....

Tuesday at Turning Point sounds good. Nicky - you may be cutting it close if you have Bible Study at 7 (?) Let us know. Mary - are you in?

Becky & Nate made a scrumptious brunch for us today and of course I ate too much. Mike's mom gave me 5 nice t-shirts for Mother's Day (I know...wierd...she gives us gifts) that will be great for wearing when I exercise.

You're right Paula - Monday. New day for all of us! I need to get a handle on the eating big time. I feel really bloated right now. Monday I also up my running time on Cto5k. I need to figure out how to download the podcasts to my MP3 player.

Okay...I'm going to bed. Let me know about Tuesday guys. Susie...try to make it if you can. The park looks awesome. And Nicky - if you can't make it Tuesday this week - maybe we can go there again!

Night all.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day Forty Six....

This is NOT the food pyramid for us anymore.
I'm trying my hardest to eat healthy but every now and then I just need a fix for something fattening and totally bad for me! And then when I eat it - it triggers some kind of monster in me that says EAT MORE!
I've been lax on the smaller pate. And that made a difference. And I ate 3 pieces of pizza last night. Even though I was totally satisfied after 2. I wasn't eating s-l-o-w-l-y. Which also makes a difference. And - I found a stash of Ho-Ho's Mike had hidden. So over the course of the week I ate 2 packages,,,which I didn't want him to know about - so I went out and bought more Ho-Ho's to replace the ones I ate - which left me with my own stash. *sigh*
BUT - I HAVE been good on the exercise! Finished my first week on Cto5K (I actually repeated the first week twice since I had the groin & foot issue which slowed me down and made me skip a day the first week. But I did good and actually am enjoying it! And I'm doing the weights faithfully and throwing in some stomach crunches when I watch TV.
All of which is making me more aware of what I eat. And although that doesn't makes sense considering what I just wrote above...I have made some good choices this week too. Salads for lunch. Lot's more fruit. All whole wheat (even found some 100% whole wheat bagels!)
I know the running will be the key here.
As far as walking today - 5 will be a little late. So let's forget this weekend and shoot for Tuesday. Do you want to meet at Turning Point Park? I checked some websites like you said, Mary, and I think it would be awesome too!
Paula - if you're in I could pick you up & we could ride together. Let me know Ladies.
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Forty Five....

So are we walking Saturday or Sunday? I'm game for either. Nicky said "let's mix it up a bit". That sounds fun! How about a "hike" somewhere? In a park?

Today is my day to run/walk again on Cto5k. I'm actually looking forward to it! Wish I could drag myself out of bed and do it in the morning but I leave for work at 7 am and I'd have to run at 5:30. Not happening. Besides, I enjoy the sunshine.

I also learned there are several pod casts you can download for free that take you through each week - telling you when to run when to walk....and several have Christian music! How cool! Now I have to figure out how to do that with my MP3 player. I lost the directions....

So decide about walking this weekend. Post TODAY (!) so we know what's going on ladies...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day Forty Four....

So what up girls?

Nicky - don't worry about having a bad day. We all do. I think the key is to plan them. Like tell yourself that a certain day - you can eat what yo want. it may help you to push past the insane cravings that plague the woman species.

I'm still plugging away wit my Cto5K. I'm actually looking forward to doing it! How weird is that?? I think we should all strive to run a 5k together. That's only 4 miles. We can do that!

Mary - are you still doing Cto5K?

Susie...home from sin city yet???

Paula....jazzing it up?

Eryn (I are you doing?)

Rachel....started that walking with Curtis yet?

Debbie...still doing WW?

Nicky....been to Victoria's Secret yet? (don't worry...Raphe will be so happy to finally see you naked - he'll be in awe!)

Okay girls. We need to step this up! I'm dong great with he exercise part. The eating part leaves much to be desired. Although I AM craving more fruits & veggies. That's weird for me!

Okay - signing off.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day Forty Three....

I think this is Malcom Lickers...

I ran again today! Did my couch to 5k and also my weights. I've lost 1/2" on my waist. not much - but it's something.

How is everyone else doing? You're all being awful quiet these days....

Comment & let me kow how you've done on the exercise....the eating....yada yada.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day Forty Two...

Saturday works for me as far as walking goes. Name the time & place!

(Nicky - your Vacation Bible School stuff is here too. I'll give it to you then.)

Susie - are you back from Vegas yet?

Be sure to check out the side bar for Smooth Illusions under cool places to visit. I'm going out to get one!

I'm out to fiinish mowing the lawn I started yesterday (trimming today.) That should burn off some calories along with the mulch I have to move too. I feel pretty good since my run yesterday. The shoes must've done the trick!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day Forty One....

Good walk yesterday! Laurie, Paula, Nicky, Sarah & Austin (in stroller) met at the Ogden-Parma homestead , walked to the village and then back. We stopped at Abbotts' and Austin & Sarah got ice cream (the 2 that can afford the extra calories due to their youth!) The rest of us were good girls and drank our water! Over 5 miles. Not bad!

My new sneakers worked out well! Today I try running in them :-)

Nicky mentioned this new undergarment that she & Mary are in love with. Can either of you send me a link with the prized possession so I can post it here?

Debbie - glad you finally figured out how to do this blog thing!

Happy Monday girls. Small plates...more fruits, veggies and nuts....keep movin'!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 40......

That's not a's mole. EEWW!
Okay. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and then the ark came to a rest. Noah saw a rainbow and docked the boat. or something like that. Anyway - 40 days went by really fast and I think Noah saw a lot more happen than we have these past 6 weeks.

But it's not over yet! I'm going to get my new running shoes today. Found some Asics at Kohls for 1/2 price and I'm going to splurge. If I want to run I can't be wrecking these knees. I did a lot of research and there were two types that were made for me (I'm a supinator - I under-pronate.) How's that for runner's talk?! So anyway - one of the 2 types happens to be on sale at Kohl's. Lucky me!

How about we meet in Spencerport near Slayton place at 1:30 Sunday. We can walk the canal east and then turn around. Same walk Mary & I took last weekend. It was nice.

Nicky - if you're wondering about the flowers - I got some floral tape and will have them done before the wedding! Don't worry - haven't forgotten.

Mary - how's the running?

Paula - still have your cruise tan?

Eryn - you changed your name to Jezebel? What's that all about? Do you know that she was an evil queen in the bible that hated God and all Christians?

Rachel - still passing up those sweets?

Debbie - how's WW going?

Susie - did you win anything in Vegas?

Okay - did my part. Checked in. Running today. See you tomorrow Nicky & Paula?) at Slayton Place - 1:30? Let me know. Don't wimp out! If anything it's fun to walk & talk!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day Thirty Nine.....

Mary - it doesn't seem a muscle strain would be in your bladder area and go away in 4 hours. Maybe you should see the Dr. (Now that we're older I am a worry wart!)

I know what you mean about eating. Sometimes my mouth just takes control. Yesterday I was going to walk after school but my car sounded like the from end was going to fall off and I took it straight to my mechanic after school. Mike picked me up and I went over to the new house for a while. Then Rachel showed up and wanted me to color her hair so I never got out there.


Tonight I walk/run (Cto5K) no matter what!

Right now gotta get ready for school. I've been in for the same teacher all week. Art, thank goodness!

Running Sunday - where - when - who?

And Mary - the sneaker question. What kind do you have? I know mine aren't good for running. Saw some at Sears on sale made for running.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day Thirty Eight...

We have officially crossed the half way mark. This is day thirty eight - and there are 37 days left. For our first goal at least. The wedding. After that it's the Keuka Dock Challenge. (Remember - see who has the guts to drop their towel?)

So we're walking Sunday. Still need to finalize a time.

I finally feel okay enough to resume my Couch to 5 K thing. I guess I'll be starting at square one again since last week was a wash with the groin issue. I have been doing the weights though - I'm actually pink in the face when I'm done and I can feel those muscles on my arms (under the flab.)

This is crunch time ladies. Nicky has been kicking butt. It's only fair that she's the hottie on her big day (But it' be nice if everyone thought she had hot aunties and a buff mom!)

And Mary - I'm inspired! If someone noticed your efforts after only 2 weeks on the Cto5K regime - then I'm more than convinced I want to do this! I need to get some good running shoes. Just can't afford them right now! What do you wear?

Okay - gotta get to work. Keep moving goyls!