Monday, May 5, 2008

Day Forty One....

Good walk yesterday! Laurie, Paula, Nicky, Sarah & Austin (in stroller) met at the Ogden-Parma homestead , walked to the village and then back. We stopped at Abbotts' and Austin & Sarah got ice cream (the 2 that can afford the extra calories due to their youth!) The rest of us were good girls and drank our water! Over 5 miles. Not bad!

My new sneakers worked out well! Today I try running in them :-)

Nicky mentioned this new undergarment that she & Mary are in love with. Can either of you send me a link with the prized possession so I can post it here?

Debbie - glad you finally figured out how to do this blog thing!

Happy Monday girls. Small plates...more fruits, veggies and nuts....keep movin'!


Nicky said...

Hey ladies, that's the link to the "GO FIGURE" panty hoes. I'm telling you it works wonders! They seem to be a lot cheaper if you order them off here too.

Man, I was bad yesterday. Did good all day till night time. Yuck. But today is a new day. WISH ME LUCK!! I really just need to beef up the exercising, then if I have a bad eating day it's ok because my metabolism can compensate. Any suggestions? I'm having a really hard time getting motivated to run alone.

Oh man, 5 weeks untill the big day!! I have still yet to buy any lingere.. I only want to loose 10 more pounds.. Think I can do it??


Nicky said...

FOr yesterday, I mean Monday. Also ladies, I think we should walk Saturday since Sunday is mothers day. Sound good? We should switch it up and do somthing different. Any ideas?