Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Fifty Seven....

Is it day 57 or m I confused? Whatever - it's coming up fast!

Looks like we're not walking this week. We're headed down to the lake for the weekend - kids are all coming (except Yellie & Dan) so I'm happy to get them all there plus Mike!

I did my Cto5K this morning and polished off the 3 minute runs again. I was so worried about them. But Monday starts the 5 minutes runs. Now those I'm afraid of! I'll be doing the first one at the lake and am making Becky come with me. She'll probably leave me in her dust....

I'm officially down 5 pounds now. Fifty seven days to make 5 pounds. Woopdeedoo....

But I can tell the exercise is working and I'm feeling optimistic about all this. Maybe I WILL wear a bathing suit at Keuka on the 4th. Speaking of which...Aunt June tried to make me feel really guilty about not coming to the wedding thing that weekend..... Did she talk to any of you guys?

How are the rest of the troops doing? Out there hitting the pavement? Fat melting right off of your puckery little thighs? Anyone else get their girdle thingy that Mary & Nicky are raving about? (Susie...whose car are you taking your off in this time?)

Okay guys - less than 3 weeks! Let's ROLL! (and made a mispell when you said 15 POUNDS by the wedding right?)

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