Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day Forty Four....

So what up girls?

Nicky - don't worry about having a bad day. We all do. I think the key is to plan them. Like tell yourself that a certain day - you can eat what yo want. it may help you to push past the insane cravings that plague the woman species.

I'm still plugging away wit my Cto5K. I'm actually looking forward to doing it! How weird is that?? I think we should all strive to run a 5k together. That's only 4 miles. We can do that!

Mary - are you still doing Cto5K?

Susie...home from sin city yet???

Paula....jazzing it up?

Eryn (I are you doing?)

Rachel....started that walking with Curtis yet?

Debbie...still doing WW?

Nicky....been to Victoria's Secret yet? (don't worry...Raphe will be so happy to finally see you naked - he'll be in awe!)

Okay girls. We need to step this up! I'm dong great with he exercise part. The eating part leaves much to be desired. Although I AM craving more fruits & veggies. That's weird for me!

Okay - signing off.

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