Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day Forty Six....

This is NOT the food pyramid for us anymore.
I'm trying my hardest to eat healthy but every now and then I just need a fix for something fattening and totally bad for me! And then when I eat it - it triggers some kind of monster in me that says EAT MORE!
I've been lax on the smaller pate. And that made a difference. And I ate 3 pieces of pizza last night. Even though I was totally satisfied after 2. I wasn't eating s-l-o-w-l-y. Which also makes a difference. And - I found a stash of Ho-Ho's Mike had hidden. So over the course of the week I ate 2 packages,,,which I didn't want him to know about - so I went out and bought more Ho-Ho's to replace the ones I ate - which left me with my own stash. *sigh*
BUT - I HAVE been good on the exercise! Finished my first week on Cto5K (I actually repeated the first week twice since I had the groin & foot issue which slowed me down and made me skip a day the first week. But I did good and actually am enjoying it! And I'm doing the weights faithfully and throwing in some stomach crunches when I watch TV.
All of which is making me more aware of what I eat. And although that doesn't makes sense considering what I just wrote above...I have made some good choices this week too. Salads for lunch. Lot's more fruit. All whole wheat (even found some 100% whole wheat bagels!)
I know the running will be the key here.
As far as walking today - 5 will be a little late. So let's forget this weekend and shoot for Tuesday. Do you want to meet at Turning Point Park? I checked some websites like you said, Mary, and I think it would be awesome too!
Paula - if you're in I could pick you up & we could ride together. Let me know Ladies.
Happy Mother's Day!


Nicky said...

Ya know, I messed up. My bible study is on Tuesdays not Mondays. :-( I can't walk on Tuesdays. Unless it is before 7... I could walk from 5-6:40.

Anywho, aunt laurie, since your exercising more it's natural to be more hungry. You need to just fill your fridge with healthy and filling options. For exercise fruit and veggies will keep you energized but will not keep you full. You need something like whole grains and natural butters like peanut butter of cashew butter. Things that are a little more complex that will fuel your muscles.


Paula said...

Well, that was quite a week for me. We had a lacrosse game every night. Mom has been here since Thursday. I was eating so good and healthy until Friday. We took Sarah and Alex out for icecream after Sarah's game. They won 10-7 over Honeoye Falls--it was awesome. Ofcourse, I had some but, when I got home I was sicker than sick. I think I lost everything I had eaten for the week. My body was revolting against the sugur. Felt fine Saturday and did good in the eating healthy department. Today I was bad. Mother's Day and grandma had to have donuts. I had one. Now I am drinking Diet Pepsi. I promise to start new and fresh tomorrow. I am having a hard time exercising--my body is going through some tough times. I am going to see the rhumatologist on Friday. Not sure what is going to happen there. I am getting weaker in my arms and shoulders. My legs don't feel like my own. I know that sounds bizarre--I haven't stopped Jazzing though--just taking it down a bit but, I keep moving. I can walk on Tuesday. That would be great--Sarah dances on Monday and WEdnesday and has a game on Thursday. If you want to walk on Tuesday--I am in. I would have to pick up Sarah from practice at 5:00and then we or I could meet you guys. Let me know. I also just read something about Turning Point Park and it souns neat.

Have a great week and hang in there!!