Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Fifty Five......

I started week 3 of Cto5k. And I did it! Granted the longest runs were only 3 minutes long - but I still did it with out stopping and even ran an extra segment at the end.

The eating had been a little better too. I think doing the exercise make you more aware of your body & what you put into it. Not that I'm perfect! But at least I feel I may be turning a corner here.

Susie - you'll be happy to see I logged your correct weight tee hee!

Paula - wish I knew you had all that fruit salad left over - I'd have traded you for the gigantic load of past I brought home! At least your left overs are healthier than mine!

I had my southwest chicken salad today and it was yummy. LOVE those things!

Nicky - hope you're feeling better. Ea what the Dr. said and take it easy on the exercise. You DON'T want to be sick for the big day! Which incidentally is coming up really quick!

Let me know about walking this week girls. I'm headed to the cottage either Thursday night or Friday. The kids will join me Friday night (except Yellie & Dan). Mike said he's coming but I'm not holding my breath. He's a workaholic and there's nothing I can do about it.

And response to the last few comments about dieting being so hard - DITTO! It sucks!


Nicky said...

Yah yah I now. I've gained a few back :-(. I'm still down 9, I was at -13 a few weeks ago. Anywho, I think I can get back down to that 13 in a few days, and then hopefuly keep going! My goal for the wedding is another 15.. Better to set high than low! Anyways that will also put me at a comfortable weight, which is only 8 pounds higher than my goal weight, and only 14 higher than what I weighed when I graduated highschool! So i'm looking forward to coming close to that! That will be a keuka goal haha.. or a family picnic goal.

Alright i'm sure my weight talk is invigorating, but it's all I got. Let's try and walk Wednesday. Does that work for anyone?

susie said...

Still didnt change my weight count!! Nobody sick here either Mary, I guess it was all those M&Ms you were sneaking! Dieting SUCKS!

Paula said...

I am not doing well this week at all. The fruit is gone and everything else became fair game all of a sudden. (and I am not even PMSing) I am so exhausted. Sorry, I can't walk this week--lacrosse games Monday, Two on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Atleast Sarah will be done as of Wednesday and Alex will be done as of next week....WOO HOO PARTY!!!!
Then I am off to the cottage to clean and paint--can't wait. If I am not cleaning my house, its the cottage. Sorry, I am having tough times with my health and as you can see, I am slipping into a depression and don't care anymore. I did eat a lean cuisine for lunch--if only I could not put another thing in my mouth until dinner, I might, just might have a good day!!

I hope you all have a great week and Nicky--don't try and lose too much weight too fast or you will be looking at a gallbladder problem--trust me, I know!!

Laurie, KUDOS to you and you running!!

Nicky said...

Yah I know, I can't loose weight fast, but I can dream right!

Aunt Paula, do you need any help painting? I have been painting all week at the church so I've gotten pretty good at it, it's a good little work out too. Anyways, if you do let me know, since you guys aren't to far from us out in Victor.