Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day Fifty....

So Mary & I didn't do the park after all. Busy day. Hope you get better before the shower Nicky!!

Susie - the +15 was just to see if you were paying attention!

I did my Cto5k today. Yay for me!

I want to devour everything in sight though. Good thing I can't find Mike's stash!

I think we're planning on doing the park this weekend. We can discuss it at the shower Friday. I'm teaching till 3:20 but will get to the shelter by 4:30.

Fun Fun Fun!!!


Nicky said...

Tummy still yucky. Tried to eat dairy today. Wasn't having it.

Well, I guess this means I have to be good no matter what.. which also really stinks.

Mary said...

Ok, so was anyone else sick yesterday? Like bad stomach pains and massive blow outs? Hate to blame it on the shower food, just wondering.
I officially decided which dress I am wearing to the wedding. Its the one I purposely bought a smaller size in. This means 3 weeks to drop some inches, no matter what!!! Why is this dieting so freakin hard??!!!

Paula said...

No, we were fine here yesterday and today. No Blowouts!!

I need to go down a few also--I don't have anything that fits just yet. I have two choices and it depends on how much I can lose by then. WHY is this dieting so freaking HARD?? I am not a fruit eater but, here I am eating the left over fruit salad, thinking about anything but.....I am going to try and make it to Jazz M-F this week. We'll see....

Have a great week!!!