Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day Thirty Eight...

We have officially crossed the half way mark. This is day thirty eight - and there are 37 days left. For our first goal at least. The wedding. After that it's the Keuka Dock Challenge. (Remember - see who has the guts to drop their towel?)

So we're walking Sunday. Still need to finalize a time.

I finally feel okay enough to resume my Couch to 5 K thing. I guess I'll be starting at square one again since last week was a wash with the groin issue. I have been doing the weights though - I'm actually pink in the face when I'm done and I can feel those muscles on my arms (under the flab.)

This is crunch time ladies. Nicky has been kicking butt. It's only fair that she's the hottie on her big day (But it' be nice if everyone thought she had hot aunties and a buff mom!)

And Mary - I'm inspired! If someone noticed your efforts after only 2 weeks on the Cto5K regime - then I'm more than convinced I want to do this! I need to get some good running shoes. Just can't afford them right now! What do you wear?

Okay - gotta get to work. Keep moving goyls!

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Mary said...

Small setback, got this pain in my lower (pubic) area that made me limp from about 4pm yesterday til bedtime. Hurt so bad...felt like I had a bowling ball in my bladder!! Anyway, better today. I am thinking muscle pain from running? I held back this morning, but heading out tomorrow morn again. Bad day yesterday, egg salad for lunch, BIG burger for dinner! Sometimes I just get so hungry.
Tomorrow is a new day...forge ahead girls!