Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Fifty Eight....

I won't be checking in again till Monday night. Heading to the lake today.

Try not to stuff yourselves (me included!)

Get in some exercise wherever you.

(Yesterday I fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn in a year.) Wow...I'm fitting into my old fat clothes now.) It's a start.


Nicky said...

No mispell aunt laurie, I know I won't acheive it but I have to aim high, the little victories arn't working for me. But I had a this birst of skinny thoughts last night and went on a 5 mile walk with raphe and then did a bunch of abs and sit ups (they reminded me of how out of shape I was, but I did them anyways!)

Anyways, I am going to break down and get a gym membership today for Raphe and I. I kept saying I didnt' want to because they are so expensive and we can just run outside, but I hate running when it is yucky out, or in daylight when people can watch my junk jiggle. So I am going to do it! Cause it has been yucky out and I'm too tired to run in the morning or at night. And because I'm so cheap I think it will motivate me to use it, since I am spending a lot of money on it. When did the YMCA get so fricken expensive!

Mary said...

OK, fat ass me, up to original weight now, and decided on the dress that I really liked and not the one Nicole liked. Problem is this: I purchased it one size smaller for incentive. WTF was I thinking? Anyway, Patty at work says do South Beach for 2 weeks and no prob, will drop 8-12# for sure. Andy and I did this diet a few years ago and we did lose weight the first two weeks. No carbs at all to start off. I am going to Wegmans now to get the foods. I have only 5 actual working days before the wedding so I have no excuse that I cant do the planning. Just gotta get in this damn dress!!
Yes, Aj tried to make me feel bad too. Explained to her that it was a 2hr trip each way and we would have to see. Personally, I dont think Craig and Deb would make the venture for us but that is no way to look at it. Lets see how we all feel about it as it gets closer. Sounds boring to me, I will send a gift anyway.
Two weeks to the bid day, can you stand it!!!
Nicole got to join the Y for free since she is the nanny for her family that already has a membership....yoo hoo!