Friday, May 2, 2008

Day Thirty Nine.....

Mary - it doesn't seem a muscle strain would be in your bladder area and go away in 4 hours. Maybe you should see the Dr. (Now that we're older I am a worry wart!)

I know what you mean about eating. Sometimes my mouth just takes control. Yesterday I was going to walk after school but my car sounded like the from end was going to fall off and I took it straight to my mechanic after school. Mike picked me up and I went over to the new house for a while. Then Rachel showed up and wanted me to color her hair so I never got out there.


Tonight I walk/run (Cto5K) no matter what!

Right now gotta get ready for school. I've been in for the same teacher all week. Art, thank goodness!

Running Sunday - where - when - who?

And Mary - the sneaker question. What kind do you have? I know mine aren't good for running. Saw some at Sears on sale made for running.


Nicky said...

Aunt Laurie, Go on Ebay, and find new shoes. You can get good running shoes and a major price cut. Good brands, (unfortunetly Nike shocks, I dont like nikes as a company but they make good running shoes), also Montrail are good for running and trails, more versatile, that is what I have. Aisics are good too, and more affordable, but you have to make sure you get a running pair because they sell all sorts.
thats an article on choosing shoes.
(that is also a good site to use just for anything to do with running. I have a running log through them that when I was running regularly helped me alot).

I crashed yesterday, ate pretty bad, however only gained back 2 lbs, so i'm feeling pretty good. I am getting fitted tomorow so I need to be on my best behavior eating wise. I can drop those two pounds by tomorow easily, just use one of those cheap weight loss methods that are only good for a day, but enough to make sure i fit my dress!

Common ladies, let's by the wedding vow that we do not have kangaroo pouches! That means abs and cardio. Make sure to do some cardio atleast 4x this next week, make a sticker chart (!) and then some weight type stuff whether it be dumbells or just some good push ups and sit ups, atleast 3x this next week. I know we can do it! Keep pushing..

Only 12 more pounds to go before I weigh less than my fiance!! (yuck).

Nicky said...

oh, and I can walk after Church. Either side is fine. It just has to be after 1:30pm. I have a meeting right after the service. But I can bring my clothes with me and just meet up wherever we are walking.

Paula said...

Well, yesterday I ate well, just too much. I can't seem to stop myself because I feel like I am always in a hurry. Stuff my face and run out the door. Today has been a great day..I hope I can keep it up. I worked out 4 days this week at Jazz. I even turned it up a notch and sweated my buns off--if only it were that easy. I am glad I brought all new clothes to change into. I am waiting until Monday to weigh myself and see if there is good news. I am in on Sunday, we can do the Spencerport walk again or instead of walking to the house--I get nervouse walking on Hinkleyville, we can just walk the canal. That's 4 miles. Let me to go take shower...Have a great weekend.