Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 40......

That's not a's mole. EEWW!
Okay. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and then the ark came to a rest. Noah saw a rainbow and docked the boat. or something like that. Anyway - 40 days went by really fast and I think Noah saw a lot more happen than we have these past 6 weeks.

But it's not over yet! I'm going to get my new running shoes today. Found some Asics at Kohls for 1/2 price and I'm going to splurge. If I want to run I can't be wrecking these knees. I did a lot of research and there were two types that were made for me (I'm a supinator - I under-pronate.) How's that for runner's talk?! So anyway - one of the 2 types happens to be on sale at Kohl's. Lucky me!

How about we meet in Spencerport near Slayton place at 1:30 Sunday. We can walk the canal east and then turn around. Same walk Mary & I took last weekend. It was nice.

Nicky - if you're wondering about the flowers - I got some floral tape and will have them done before the wedding! Don't worry - haven't forgotten.

Mary - how's the running?

Paula - still have your cruise tan?

Eryn - you changed your name to Jezebel? What's that all about? Do you know that she was an evil queen in the bible that hated God and all Christians?

Rachel - still passing up those sweets?

Debbie - how's WW going?

Susie - did you win anything in Vegas?

Okay - did my part. Checked in. Running today. See you tomorrow Nicky & Paula?) at Slayton Place - 1:30? Let me know. Don't wimp out! If anything it's fun to walk & talk!


jenima said...

Hope you had a good run this weekend

Mary said...

Why west side again, thought we were rotating?