Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Sixty Five....

Okay - is Fat --r Paula??? We're all confused here.

Too bad Nicky has Mary to rat on her! Glad no one is here watching me 24/7!

I did my Cto5k yesterday. I sure hope this running stuff is the key to weight loss. I've been faithful to the letter on this. (not so much on the eating though....)

Gotta run to work - just wanted to check in.

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Nicky said...

Yah my mom is right, i totally binged yesterday, BUT DIDN'T GAIN BACK A SINGLE POUND! (just didnt' loose any) And she only knows because I told her. I am honest here. I think when your eating good and have one bad day, your body will compensate. That's kinda how the whole weight watchers thing works with the daily allowance points and extra points and stuff.

I got back in the Gym today and did my running regime. Much easier than Tuesday, always a plus!

I'd assume Fat f-r is Aunt Paula.

Aunt Laurie, I'd love to come to your cottage, I never get an invite either! I used to go when yellie would ask, but she no live here no more :-( (but 4th of July is traditionally keuka, and now traditionally where I got proposed too! I have to be there.. Aunt paula permitting ofcourse. You should pick a different weekend to have everyone at yours, like memorial day (next year of course, you'll have to pick a different super cool holiday this year)

Keep it up ladies.. were in for the long haul! 9 DAYS!!