Monday, June 2, 2008

Day Whatever....

I don't know what the official countdown day is but I DO know there are only 5 days to the wedding! It looked like everyone was doing really well on their diets this weekend at the bachelorette party ~ NOT! (myself included...)

A chocolate fries and onion rings...yikes! But I think we burned a lot of it off dancing! (or at least laughing!)

"I ate food with my mouth today. It worked really well..." I have never laughed so freaking hard! WE HAVE to get that on you-tube!

I actually did my run when I got home - as tired as I was. I was feeling good about my progress until I saw those videos. So I'm more determined than ever to keep at this.

Nicky...I'll send a pic of the flowers tonight or tomorrow.

btw...did anyone show up at Tracey's yesterday? I just got the correction e-mail. Good thing I didn't let Rachel & Curtis go!

Okay - stay at it ladies. We can all make a little dent in the next 5 days. (right?)

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