Saturday, June 14, 2008

Checking in on my fellow hogettes....

I ran 20 minutes straight - no stopping today - in the rain! 20 minutes is a big accomplishment for me - the person who hated to run and swore she would never ever take it up as a form of exercise!

The cool thin is - this Cto5k thing has helped me condition my heart and lungs so that I'm able to do it, not once- since I started this ting have I had a stitch in my side. used to be I' get really out of breath and pant and gasp when I stopped. Now I breathe fine and am not really out of breath when I stop - I just sweat like a pig.

I wish the scale would budge more though...I guess I need to work on the eating more.

How is everyone else doing? Anyone want to schedule a weekend walk for one of these days?


Paula said...

Well, today is Sunday and the recital is over. Woo Hoo! I did get Mike to get my bicycle down and fill up the tires. My goal is to ride it 3 days aweek along with my Jazz 4 days aweek. My eating has been atrocious...I am going grocery shopping today and am going to start over with an honest effort. Good eating habits and small portions. I want to take it day by day for 1 week and see how it goes from there.

I think it's great--your running. You are awesome. Keep it up. I am convinced that you will hit a spot and you will start losing weight, continuously (and I will be jealous).

I'm sitting here, inspired. Maybe I will make a goal of working up to riding my bike to Jazz one day. If it goes well, maybe a couple of days. Let me get on the bike and see how it goes. I would be up for a walk but, it probably will have to be during the week, maybe and evening because it stays light out for awhile. I will be going to the cottage on weekends, I am sure.....

Keep up the great work and have a great week!!!

Nicky said...

Wow aunt laurie, your running better than I am! Like Aunt Paula said, you'll hit some hard points once your body gets used to it, but after about 3 months, all of a sudden you'll look in the mirror and be like WHOAH? Where did that hot chick come from! :-)

Glad you guys are still keeping this up. I definitely did not eat well on my honeymoon but that was a given haha! Odly only gained back about 2 lbs so I'm ok with that. It was worth it!!

Back to eating good, and running. I want to start biking more too aunt paula, however not having a bike does pose as a dificutly. GARAGE SALES! haha.

Ok, well I spent over 12 hours on one plane Saturday night so I'm beat, but I'll write more later.

Thank you all so much for all you guys did for the wedding. It was wonderful!!