Monday, June 23, 2008

Chekcing In....

It sounds like we've all been on an upward swing since the wedding. I think Nicky's idea about a 5k is great! We could do it! (but a Marathon????) Don't think so Nicky!

I know for me - I've been lazy about making healthy recipes. I tend to grab what's available which isn't always what's best for me. It's much easier when I'm working...I am in control of what I bring for lunch. When I'm's a different story.

I'm losing my motivation to run - mainly because in spite of the effort I'm not getting the rewards I've wanted. But I'm not going to give up yet. I need to do something every day. Maybe I'll walk on the days I don't run and eventually run every day. It's just so hard to do something alone. There's no one to say "C'mon! Get off your duff" when you don't feel like doing it.

For sure - let's plan a good walk while we're at Keuka. (Speaking of which....has anyone told Craig & Debbie we're not coming?") Becky & Nate aer going to the lake this Friday to spend a week there (and go visit his grandparents while they're there at Waneta Lake.) We're coming down Thursday and Yellie & Dan are coming Thursday night or Friday morning. Friday are the fireworks at our lake and I'm assuming we're having the Birthday Bash on Saturday, right?

Gotta' run for now. Austin is home today puking. It was a fun night. Lots of laundry to do as a result.....


Paula said...

Well let's see, last week wasn't a stellar week--I only Jazzed 3 times. Mike and I did alot of work at the cottage though. Didn't eat too much but, what we did eat wasn't healthy. Some chips here, chicken finger there, a couple of beers--you get the picture. I decided to start off this week with good eating habits and hope to get moving more. I am working today, so no Jazz but, tomorrow morning I will be there at 7:00 am.

Mike and I talked to Debbie and Craig at the wedding and let them know that we could not be there. We didn't tell them why, just we couldn't make it.

I'll pass on the running but if you need a cheerleader, I am there!! I will be sending out an e-mail regarding the 4th this week. My husband and kids want a pasta dinner for the birthday bash. I am leaving hors d'oerves up to you guys. I am going to talk to Becky about the dessert.

Keep up the good job Laurie, it will come, do not get discouraged!!
I need the motivation right now..Have a great day oh, and you didn't hear it from me, Sarah has a new boyfriend and his name is Jake. He is cute, tall and looks like the boy next door....

marilyn said...

I'm trying the old "acidic and alkaline diet. I just looked it uo on the internet. I really think it will work for me,I hardly have any desire for for and the way I feel,I'm not about to mess it up. Best to you.