Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Three More Days!!!

Three more days and my scale is not budging. In actually went up! And I'm exercising (doing my cto5k religiously and it's getting increasingly more demanding) and eating less. okay - not a whole lot less - but less.

In any event - I'm not giving up because even after the wedding I have the whole summer to face and I like Nicky's thoughts about keeping this up. It's not that long till we'll all be at Keuka on that dock. Will we wear our suits or not?

As for the wedding - is the Neusatz-Fazio house getting in frenzy mode yet? This is when it gets really exciting! (Enjoy the anticipation - it's as much fun as the real event sometimes!) In the next three days the final payment is made to the party hall....tuxes are picked up....some gifts will arrive...clothes are laid out and it all becomes real! Nothing is more exciting than a wedding!!

Now you've ordered diet food for the rehearsal dinner right Mary? (NOT!) All bets are off this weekend!

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Nicky said...

Haha, were in a frenzy, more so just getting stuff ready to move and finishing up small details. Honestly though since i'm still working both my jobs till Friday, it's hard to only think about the wedding! I guess its a good and bad thing to have those keeping me busy.

My scales are starting to tip down again, I gained 5 lbs back this weekend from eating so much Saturday and Sunday. But, have shed 3 since, so i'm still at a -14... would like that to be a minus 20.. we'll see what we can do. Too bad i'm a stress eater, I wish I was the opposite!

Aunt Laurie, your body is probably starting to build muscle, you may start a weight gain period, but if you get through it, by the end the muscle will eat up all the fat and you'll start loosing again, and look better! (i'ts not what you weight, it's how you look and feel) But the weight loss does make you feel better!

I hope everyone else is doing well and finishing up the final stretch. Yes no diet food at the wedding, It'll be good food! I have had these caterers food before, Mmmm you have to have the pesto sauce with the tortilini! Just don't go nuts at the rehearsal dinner!