Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nicky changes her name today!!!!!!

This is it! Nicky & Raphe's wedding day ~ June 7th, 2008! We may not be the skinny chicks we envisioned ourselves to be but we'll still have the time of our lives!
Nicky will be absolutely stunning - the mother of the bride will look elegant and the aunts will steal the show! Just kidding Nicky! You'll be the star and we'll all be glowing with happiness for you as you start your new life with your new hubby!
I'm sending out a prayer that Brianna feels great today with no throw-ups during the ceremony!
Not that anyone is reading this today anyway - we're all busy getting ready! But check bak and I'll post some photos after the big event!
Yippee! It's a wedding!!!!!!!!!

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