Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Almost Here!

Can you believe it? Four days! This is so exciting! I love family weddings....they bring memories back of all of our family weddings when everyone looked forward to the big day and counted down.

Nicky & Mary - it will go by SO fast! We planned for so long for the girls' double wedding and it was over in the blink of an eye! Enjoy EVERY minute of the day!

I guess we won't all be as skinny as we wanted to be - (although Nicky met her goal!) but at least we jump started this thing. I'm still doing my Cto5k and don't plan on stopping!

Keep at it ladies!

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Nicky said...

Oh my, we have 4 days!

Well yes this weekend I totally did aweful!!! But today i'm kicking it back into gear to even out the damage and maybe to loose that last 2-3 lbs.!!!


Now I just need to find lingere to fit the figure.

I think post honeymoon, we need to reconvene for the Keuka countdown. All do the South Beach or something for those two weeks before 4th of July week. Any takers? Another hump before bathing suit time! (Although I have to have bathing suit time in 5 days!..crap!)