Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Thursday....

Well I didn't do so hot Monday with the running. After 13 minutes I decided to walk 3 the I ran another 7. I was dragging for some reason. It was the first time I gave in and walked. Yesterday I did 21 minutes straight and I was fine. I guess Monday was just one of those days...

So I'm doing my weight lifting - exercising 3 times a week with the running and eating less than normal (not always wise choices but less) and I've gained 2 pounds. This sucks.

I will say that my body feels tighter and I know the other benefits I'm getting from the running and weights are still worth it as far as my heart and lungs go. So I'm in this for the long haul. But still.....I thought I'd be losing by now. I guess I should aim to exercise on the off days too. I just don't feel like running every day. Maybe I'll walk on the days I don't run. or do that weird Gazelle thing Mike bought me.

Nicky - you should check out the Healthy Girl link on the blog here and subscribe to it. It has great recipes for everything under the sun and how to make them good for you. There's a cookbook too that just came out that I may get. You should check that out too - and then you can make great meals for your new hubby that are tasty and not loaded with calories and fat. (not that Raphe needs to watch his weight!)

How is everyone else doing? Anyone up for a walk this weekend?


Mary said...

So, here it is, I gained 5# since the wedding. While Andy and I were in BlueRidge we consumed 9 bags of chips and salty snacks including guacomole. We had ice cream, fudge and candy bars. Ate at Hardees and Wendys while traveling and home-made cookies. Aside from the snacking we also ate three square meals most days, including some beer and wine.
P-I-G-S !!!!
I dont know why we did it, we just did. We had a ball and really relaxed. Now we are home and haven't stopped bitching since about our fat bellies that we aquired, or added too I should say.
So, when Nicole gets here, we are taking her and Brianna out to eat one more time and then its back to basics for us!
(Erin is doing well and is close to 10# weight loss, she is coming over tomorrow to weigh herself here) Nicole put some back on but still looks good. She is working on the "Turbo chrage" version of South Beach.
As far as the running Laurie, keep it up! There will be days you will feel like Rocky and run forever, then others, its just plain torture. Thats normal. If you cut back on fatty food and carbs, you WILL start to lose. Then the running becomes second nature and by the way, biking is just as good I discovered in my leaner days. So you can alternate.
I am going to try to 5K now that the wedding is behind me. It was the ONLY way I ever lost weight and kept it off and felt so good along the way. The most I ever ran when I was at the top of my game was 1.5-2miles, and most of it was downhill and then I walked it back so you dont need to kill yourself. If you are out of breath when you run and come back wet with sweat your doing something. It is amazing how the weight shifts too when you run and you appear thinner almost immediately.

Nicky said...

Aunt Laurie, keep it up! Your body probably is just not used to using those muscles, so as they develop you will appear to have gained weight. Sorry I didn't check this weekend, I would have loved to walk. But your my inspiration right now, running 21 minutes is really good, I dont know if I could do that right now!

I think we all should register for a 5k this summer, then we will all have to motivate ourselves to be able to run it. After that... A MARATHON! Ok haha, maybe just me, but I think anyone can do a marathon, you just have to train. Even once a week we all did our long runs together.. Just a though (wink)

Alright my skinny little aunts and cousins, keep up the good work, and wish me luck, I gained like 7 pounds back since the wedding, i've been a food machine this past week! But I'm off to the South Beach Turbo charged. WIsh me luck!