Sunday, June 8, 2008

There's got to be a morning after....

Well, Nicky & Raphe are off on thier honeymoon , Mary & Andy will be off on thier own get-away and the rest of us are left here to undo the damage done over the weekend to our waistlines!

I need to run today and I SO don't want to do it. But I will *sigh*

Great party Mary - we had lots of fun!

Who wants to keep the blog up to inspire us fro Keuka?


Mary said...

So, fat f--ks we were, and we still had fun! I did fit in to my smaller size dress but havent lost more weight so all in all, who cares! I still want to lose, but I want to remember to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. Life goes way too fast to not take it in, because of some fat rolls. I had a small downer yesterday, it was so quiet around here. We had a recital to go to, but otherwise just kicked back. Had to pick up the kids car from the airport and close up their apartment. Only to find out at 10pm that some of the boys flights were cancelled and needed to sleep over one more night. So we had to undo all we did. Oh well...Erin stopped by and feels sad too. My diet yesterday consisted of leftover grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, cake and those yummy cookies. Little Bakery rocks in the baking contest! Oh yeah, we went to Abbotts to sit by the canal in the dark like we did after Sillicks wedding to reflect. Andy and I are going to try to eat healthy all week while were away. (Although last night when we were eating Wegmans new chips on our front porch watching the storm, he commented how good they were and that I should get four bags for the trip because we wont be able to gt them down there!)
Forge ahead and see ya all when we get back!

Paula said...

What a great time and Nicky looked so beautiful--atleast she lost weight. I was actually good yesterday and today. Made myself go to Jazz this morning. Then had to pick up Sarah from school. I think she is worn out from the weekend. She puked this morning and when the nurse called she had a fever. She came home and took a nap and feels better. I am still tired myself. Mary--you and Andy enjoy your getaway--you both deserve it.

Yes, Laurie, I am still in looking forward to 4th of July. If I could lose 5 lbs by then and 5 in August, I figured I would still be enjoying myself but, being accountable also. When this heat breaks, I plan on starting bike riding in the evening with the kid. Also, I think I might golf with Mike on Monday nights starting next week. (Sarah's last night of dance is tonight and wed--woohoo-can't wait, counting down)

Let's keep the blog going!!!