Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday ~ a new week....

Sounds like everyone is still hanging in there. Welcome back from the honeymoon Nicky! (I didn't forget your gift...I get it over to you soon!)

Has everyone recovered from Wedding let-down? We need something new to look forward to now!

I supposed to run 25 minutes straight 3 days this week according to my Cto5k schedule. I'm aiming for 20 today - 21 Wed. and 22 Thursday. Rome wasn't built in a day you know.....

Mary - when you did your running - how far/long did you run and how often? My goal is to actually run a 5k (3.3 miles) eventually - but for exercise to run 2 miles daily. So far I haven't crapped out on this which amazes me - especially since I'm not seeing the results I was hoping for. But the fact that I can do it and not be out of breath is enough to keep me going. My body is at the stage where it's ready to let me down if I don't keep at it.

I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon with a Charter School (True North prep School). Say a prayer that maybe this one will decide to hire me!

Okay - gotta go run. Stay cool!

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Nicky said...

Good job aunt laurie. You should go for the 25 minutes. I bet you could do it. If you want to run a 5k, it's actually best to run about 3-5 miles a day (5 being your long days but at a slower pace) so when you run the 5k you can do it a little faster. We'll have to go for a run on 4th of July.

I however have not been good this week. I havn't been gaining, just havn't been losing or trying to lose. I need to get my little heiney in gear, but it's hard after eating everything I wanted on the honeymoon. :-(

Wish me luck, maybe if I just start the exercising I can get my but in gear.

Hope everyone else is doing well.