Friday, June 6, 2008

One More Day!!!!

Okay - we have about 24 hours to lose that weight we said we'd lose back in April. Man are we pathetic! (Except Nicky - she did good - but her incentive was much greater than ours!)

So one more day!

Can't you hear the music.... "I'm getting married in the morning! Ding dong the bells are gonna' ring...!"

So tomorrow my Cto5k schedule says I must run 20 minutes straight. I can tell you right now - ain't gonna' happen. I'm going to run - but repeat the 2 - 8 minute runs. No freaking way I'm ready to run 20 minutes without stopping especially because it's going to be so hot besides.

So I'll see you all tonight!

Isn't this fun!!!

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Nicky said...

Oh, that's cool you got a picture of my church! Our website is pretty lame though haha. We have an updated one were all working on, but they won't post it till everyone has finished their sections.. lame. Cause on the new one I actually get to write all the youth stuff. But the old one I don't touch.

Anyways, exited for tomorow?? I sure am!! We all made some progress on our weights, I think we can keep it going. Aunt laurie I think you can run 20 minutes, especially if you were doing 8 minute segments, however I also agree, don't run in the heat, it's no good, especially if your not a conditioned runner yet. You'll burn out. Maybe try to go before the sun goes up, or at night after it goes down. YOU CAN DO IT!

Everyone else, havn't heard from ya, so I hope your doing it!