Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Forty Nine.....

Oops. Forgot to check in yesterday (and no one noticed anyway....)

So - are we walking tonight? I'm planning on it if every one's game. The weather is supposed to be nice and Turning Point Point Park looks awesome.

I started week 2 on Cto5k and upped the running time. It was easy. I love this program! it feels like I'm done in no time at all! I do get pretty sweaty though - which is good - but means I need a shower ASAP after I'm done. yesterday Rachel waked in the house & said "What's that smell?"

It was me.

So let me know about tonight. (The pic is of part of the trail at the park.)


Nicky said...

Oh but sweat is a good smell aunt laurie.. A HEALTHY GLOW!

Anywho I'm super exited about Friday! HOwever I am still not feeling so good, whatever happend twice last week is happening again right now. I think I have an ulcer :-(

I won't be there tonight, but my mom said she's planning on coming. If you (aunt Laurie) could bring the vbs stuff and give it to her that would be amazing!

Pray that I feel better, exercizing when one feels like this does not work. And I was so motivated when I first woke up. It happens I guess.

Everyone else, set your mini goals!

mary said...

Lets plan a time to meet at Boxart St, right near the entrance to the park. I can get there by 5:30, I think the earlier the better. I could even get there by 5pm?

susie said...

WTF?? NO + 15!! Still holding at down 4- not bad seeing as I drank more rum and diet coke than my body weight in Vegas. Food part was easy with Nora, she eats like a mouse and I felt like a pig everytime I thought of eating more than I needed. This is my new plan, when out to dinner with someone skiny, just order what they order. That is usually thier pig out, but its my diet, at least I dont gain too much. Sorry I have been neglectful about checking in lately, I honestly dont have a minute to spare most days. Keep up the good work I will see you all Friday.

Paula said...

I am sorry but I don't know if I could be there until 5:45-6:00. I have to pick up Sarah at 5:15 and depending on if she is going or not, I may have to drop her off home first. She rolled her foot yeaterday and it is red and a tad swollen but, she still went to dance and is still going to lacrosse. This time of year is not an option for either. If you would rather go early that's ok, I truly understand. I worked out this morning and sweated my buns off. Let me know, if you want to go early, and I will see you on Friday. Yesterday was not a good eating day but I am trying really hard to change my attitude and hope the rest will follow. I get so mad at myself. My little goal is to make it to Friday and have 4 good days with workouts too. I have to work on that before the pounds will ever move. Have a great day and see you sometime soon!!

Nicky said...

Well, went to the Doctors again. They put me on a strict diet, which consists of no fatty foods, limited fruit, limited dairy, no fried foods, no tomato based foods, no alcohol, no caffiene, and NO CHOCOLATE! I am not sure what I CAN eat! But I guess it will force me to eat good. They still don't know why I keep getting sick, they think it may be something in my gallbladder now. Went for an ultrasound, and for bloodwork so hopefully I can stop all of this.

However, I am doing ok in the weigh loss department. Still down my 12.. really hoping by friday to bump that up to 15.

Keep up the goodwork ladies!