Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day Ten...

Ten days already guys! It's moving fast. I can only write a bit now - gotta go to work. I'll post more after school. in the meantime - let's get Saturday on the books!


Nicky said...

I am down for Saturday 10am. We could also always pack a lunch. Or each person bring a super healthy breakfast dish. Then we won't be tempted, after our walk to eat really bad 'since we walked', always a likely excuse.

Aunt Laurie- I have done the couch potato plan before as well. It's pretty simular to the other ones. Same concept with the intervals and what not. has that plan (CP), and some tips to help you a long if you want some.

Next Sunday (the 13th) there is a crescent trail hike. The Crescent trail goes all through out Fairport, Mendon, Victor etc. ( That is the Web address that talks about it. Might be fun to mix things up.

So far my weight loss count is 5 lbs!! I couldn't have done even that with out this little group. All the comments and knowing others are doing it with me, makes me feel more accountable and gets me serious. Still more to go, but i'm working hard.

I heard on the radio people talking about Samantha Harris, one of the hosts from Dancing with the Stars. You can take a look at Anywho she just had a baby 6 months ago and looks amazing. My mom isn't a fan of the muscular tone, but I could afford to have muscles if I was that thin. The show said how her job was to work out. And I thought about taking that concept. We work out when we have time, or feel like it. We dont' take it like a job that we need to be punctual with. I am going to try that concept, since I have yet to get into the gym! Eating healthy will only get me so far. That and my good friend FitTV, whom I just discovered. They have work out shows on all day! If you get that channel check it out!

Also my fruit and veggie baggies have worked for me. Unlike you aunt paula, I can do fruit, it is veggies I have the hard time with. So I am trying to eat the fresh ones in the morning before my fruit. Try and do fruit for lunch since it is sweet. Then the warmer vegetables for dinner.

GOOD FRUITS: Strawberries and grapes. Easier to eat then a banana, or orange. Get Sassy, throw a strawberry in your water to mix things up!

Nicky said...

Sorry, didn't realize how long that was until I posted it!

Eryn said...

jeez nicky, way to write a novel!!

Nicky and I plan on going for an hour run 2-3 times a week starting tomorrow, wish us luck ;)

as far as eating goes I'm doing alright. its still the exercize I'm lacking, but I'm very sick so I'm not very motivated to go do a bunch of push-ups with snot running down my face. Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow for our first run. Hope everyone is staying on track. Were gonna be fabulous by june, yee-haw! ;)

Eryn said...

oh..and I'm game for the sunday walk, but would but need nicky or mama to come scoop me ;)

susie said...

Ok I am confused are we walking Sat or Sun? Either day is good for me.
I am down 1/2 lb- just a tiny dent in the elephant but I dont deserve much more than that.
I have be good about working out, but not so good about the eating. Had Pizza on Monday, Tuesday went for ice cream at abbots. While I didnt obstain totally, I did order a kiddie cone and honestly scooped off half of the custard. Bad, but not so bad right?
5lbs is AWESOME!! I am jealous but happy for you.

Laurie said...

Okay - Saturday it is. Can we make it 10:30? Forgot I have a nail appt. at 9:30 so I can get there by 10:30.

Nicky - don't worry about the's therapeutic to write!

Paula - we can use your scale. It might weigh us all differently since everyone's scale is slightly off - but we all know what we really weigh. This will be embarassing!!

The hike on the 13th oosunds like fun. Shall we do it? It'll be our turn to meet on the east side anyway.

I'm going to go "glide" or whatever the heck you do - on my Gazelle now!

Mary said...

Count me in on the crescent trail hike, looks like fun! This Saturday I will be at the Casino, so y'all can weigh in without me! (Next Saturday is Adams shower)
I am going to work out now...dont want to...but will.

Paula said...

Saturday would be fine, I would have to make it 10:30. I have to get Sarah to practice at 10:00 and I think I can get Mike to pick her up at 12. Him and Alex are going to the cottage Saturday to check things out.

I slipped a little today. My mom is dangerous. She took me out to lunch (and I only had a half of turkey sandwich with a cup of chicken noodle soup) and we then we had dessert. They came in shot glasses (only 4-5 spoonfuls worth) I got the white cake with apples and cinnamon (I thought you'd appreciate that Nicky--I got fruit) and whipped cream on top. I guess it could have been worse, it could have been a whole plate.

For those of you who do not get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep a night you will be fighting a losing battle. It has been proven that people who do not get their sleep will gain up to 10-15 pounds a year. So, Mary sleeping in is not so bad.....I actually received a speech from my doctor on the pros and cons of sleep deprivation. Weight loss being one of the cons. So, while we are making life changes, make, getting your sleep, a priority also.

See you all at 10:30 at my house and we can weigh in and then walk....Have a GREAT DAY tomorrow!!