Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Twenty Four...

I think Mary is right. About the sweating part. ('d think with all the hot flashes I have these days I'd weigh about 112!) But she's talking about a different kind of sweat. The kind she'd get when she used to run. Or the kind we'd get when we did aerobics. The dripping - I need to take a shower kind of sweat.

When Pat & I used to do our 3 mile walks (which we did rather frequently for many years) we'd be sweating when we got home. (At least I would be!) We walked fast and after the first 2 miles it was difficult not to exert energy especially since part of it was uphill.

I hate to walk alone. it's boring. When we girls did the canal walk 2 weeks ago - that was fun and it flew by. I never got tired of walking or focused on the finish line because we were yakking so much. But there's no one here to walk with. (Mike doesn't like to walk....I have to drag his butt at the lake just to get him to take a walk with me.) I think because he's on his feet all day at work - never sits once - even eats lunch (if he even eats lunch) standing up.

I have been doing my weights. Keep them right by the TV and do 3 reps each of 4 different arm exercises with 10# weights. At least when I finally lose the flab I'll have some definition under there. I hope.

Back to the walking. I need to MAKE myself do it. EVERY DAY! And I need to get a new pedometer - which I'm doing today. Because my scale isn't budging now either!

As for Mary losing incentive because she bought the dress.... I know how that goes. But keep telling yourself that a 10 lb. loss will make your face look slimmer!

And we're not just shooting for the wedding now - it's that dock party at Keuka on the 4th! remember? Swimsuits??


Nicky said...

Well your both right, exercise is really the best way to do it. Your also right.. It's so hard to do it regularly!! When I ran in high school and did track and what not, I ate SO BAD! and was so skinny! Becky's jeans used to be a size too big on me!! Those were the days. Now that I eat farely good, If I added more actual exercise, i'd be set. But it's hard not being a part of a program where I have to work out, and have that social aspect to it.

One way aunt laurie that may help you walk is to listen to music. Make a mix of some songs that get you pumped up if you have a cd player. Or get one of those cheap mp3 shuffle players. Or better yet, the dollar store has a little radio with headphones that you can just clip to your belt. Then you don't feel alone, you have all those crazy radio personalities to keep you company! haha

Well today I am trying again to be good! I have been good so far, going to run to aldis later and stock up on some new fruits and vegetables!

Keep it up ladies. Ten pounds is big step.

Anonymous said...

Well it's been a while since I've left a comment in here! Wow! Okay, so I will be truthful I haven't even begun to TRY to lose weight even though I should. I only weigh 2 pounds less then my future hubby. Not kewl. So, thank God that I was sick all last week...I lost 2 pounds! But, I think I put it back on all ready! I just can't stay away from those sweets! I have no time to excercise so maybe I can just fit in a good walk every night with Curty Bear (Curt). The problem is getting him motivated, and me too! Ah well. My goal is to lose a good 8 pounds by Nicky's wedding; and a good 40 pounds for my wedding. Think I can do it? I hope I can I mean I got like 14 months to lose 40 pounds. Help! I need some pep talk here to get me motivated! -Rey Bunny

jenima[TJ] said...

Yep that is what I need to do make myself Do It! Every Day. Have a good weekend

Curtybears fiance Aunt Mary said...

sigh....but I got a new car! Anyway, really watching everything I put in my mouth. Nicky and I are going to start the Couch Potato running plan on Monday. 3x week, 1/2 hr each day...should be good if we can each other out of bed! Maybe Rachel and Laurie can walk together to encourage each other? My weight is holding...not up, not down. Story of my life!! As far as walking this weekend, Nicky and I have a full day stuff. Sunday would work, but might rain? Lets plan something.