Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Sixteen....

Yesterday I only logged a little over 5000 steps on the pedometer. I tried to walk with Rachel but the wind had kicked up and we had Austin and it was blowing in his face so we only walked about 10 minutes before heading back. Which shows me that I need that 2 mile walk every day to get those 10,000 steps.

I'm telling you guys - put one on and you'll automatically start taking more steps. It's all about moving and that silly little thing is like a thorn in my side telling me to move!

My major downfall each day is right after work. For some reason I'm conditioned to come in the door and go right to the fridge. Of course having lunch at 10:30 each morning doesn't help. (That's my usual lunch hour at school). So yesterday I brought an orange to tide me over but I STILL went right to the fridge.

Today I'm off so we'll see if those afternoon munchies hit or if it's just a conditioned response. (Remember after school as a kid? First ting we did was check for a snack.) I'm trying to see my eating patterns here and come up with counter attacks. Any suggestions?

Also - I wish you guys would check in daily. Even if you just write "Hanging in there!" so I know that writing this daily thing isn't falling on deaf ears.

Mary is down 5 pounds! Cool beans! She is safe from the pig nose for now!


Paula said...

Sorry I haven't written in. I have been out of my mind trying to get everything done and packed and still keep up with my usual routine. I have not weighed myself yet again but, my fat jeans that were tight are not tight anymore, I am so excited. I can put them on without doing the dance. I have not been great this week but, I also haven't eaten much. I have not been home to cook one dinner...we have all been eating on the run. I am sooooo looking forward to some R & R. Wishing you a healhy week next week and I will sign in on Friday the 18th and let you know the damage. (Hopefully none) Have fun on the walk!!! Paula

Nicky said...

Sorry no comment yesterday, I have limited internet access. I can only check my e-mail at work.

Havn't weighed myself since Monday. Just havn't had the chance. Hopefully Next Monday when I weigh in I will be surprised! I have been doing farely good though. Havn't been eating any sugar, or butter or cheese! But I still the past two days have been pigging on healthy stuff. I guess that's good.

Except today.. I had to lick the sprinkles off the boy I nanny for's Ice cream cone. (Not by choice haha). He was upset because they put them on and apparently he's a kid who hates sprinkles. But I thought it was ok, since I didn't get one for myself!

My fat pants feel looser too, and I feel better. So I guess it's a start.. That's the most important. I am just hoping since It'll be a whole week on Monday for weighing that I will have something to show for it!

I have a AARP pedometer too, but I tried it this morning and by the time I got to work it said I walked 373 steps. since all I did was walk to my car and then their house I figured it was probably broken... :-(

OK LADIES.. we need help putting together invitations for the wedding. (their like an art project!) So if anyones interested in doing a little wedding labor Sunday let me know. Maybe if we go on the hike we could WASH OUR HANDS, and then do it after?? Any takers??

Laurie said...

What the heck is it with us Grants??? And why do we FALL all the time! Remember my first day of school a year ago - took a tumble and ended up needing surgery and being in a cast for 9 months??

Well - old Klutzo did it again! I was at the other house and remembered that Rachel had asked me to get Austin because she was working late so I ran as fast as I could through the back yard (hey - racking up steps right?) And when I got to the back steps I tripped and flew face first into the back of the house. I felt my nose spread across the siding in a smooshing way. The blood came immediately. I was so concerned about that that I didn't notice how badly I smashed my knee.

Now I can barely walk - my knee cap seems to be in a place it shouldn't be...I'm icing it and feeling more bumps appear in other places. My eyebrow is swollen. (Can you have a swollen eyebrow?) My nose is tender but still straight (thank God! All I could think of was Elaine Schaller!) And I have a big hard bump on the leg opposite the swollen knee.

You know this sucks! It truly does! Here I am with my pedometer strapped to me like a second skin - doing my best to rack up steps and now this!!!

I'm supposed to teach tomorrow but I'm all but positive that won't happen. If my knee is still as bad as it is by bedtime I'm calling for a sub. Ha! A sub for the sub!

Pray that it's better by Sunday because I REALLY want to go on that hike. (and that I don't get any black eyes!!!!) I'm telling you - I have a freaking back cloud over me that won't quit.