Monday, March 31, 2008

Day Eight...

First off ~ Happy belated Birthday to Paula! I forgot. I knew it was coming up last week - but then in my menopausal stupor - forgot about it yesterday.

Maybe we can get together for a weigh in/birthday celebration. Minus the cake of course. Maybe get together and walk - meet at a park? Let me know...

All the ideas posted so far are great. Susie's right about the exercise and the endorphin thing kicking in. It's getting motivated to start that's hard. I'm definitely walking as much as I can this week. The weather is supposed to be nice!

I did good all day yesterday (I actually couldn't eat all my allotted calories at breakfast.) I made cream of wheat and added raisins. Doing the "slow-eating method...I was full 2/3 of the way through so I tossed it out.

I have to get ready for work so I can't write more. I'll check back later to see how you're all doing. Any pounds lost yet? Drink LOTS of water! It helps in many ways.


Paula said...

Ok, the best birthday present I got was this morning. I got on the scale and lost 3 pounds. I am finally motivated to keep going. I know being sick has helped because I really haven't felt like cooking or eating. I hope to start feeling better and getting back to Jazz alittle more. I am up to getting together and walking the tow path or mall (because it is suppose to rain this week). I will bring the scales. Let me know what works for you guys and I will try and work around the kids lacrosse schedules.

This time of year is hard for me because I feel like I am always in the car driving one of them either to or from somewhere and never eating real meals. I am making a conscientious effort to pack healthy items to eat while driving and waiting for them. Tonight for example I have to pick Alex up at 5:15 bring him home and get Sarah to dance at 6:00 and then to practice at 7:30 and won't be home until after 9:00. I won't be able to sit down to eat dinner and would be tempted to hit the drive thrus. Thanks for your support and help in getting me through this!!

Nicky said...


As far as the eating on the go thing, I run into that a lot. I've decided to take 4 ziplock bags and I put a post it on each of them. Two of them are fruit and two are veggies. (kinds you would need to cut up or put in a bag, strawberries, carrots etc.) Then on each post it I also have listed an additional fruit or veggie that does not need to go in a bag, like apples etc. My goal is to by the end of the day have eaten all that is in the bags plus atleast one fruit AND vegetable that was not listed on my bags. and I must do this before I eat anything else, aside from a grain for each meal. But no snacks, or anything else, then by the time i'm done with all those I assume I probably won't be hungry. I'll let you know how it goes. But since I don't eat my meals at home, with work and what not, i'll pack them in a lunch box in the morning so they are already measure out and on me for the day, so I always have something healthy to nibble on. That may help you too aunt Paula in your hours playing limo driver, keep carrots or somthing to snack on so you don't get so hungry.

Also this week any time after 5 except Wednesday works for weighing in also any time Saturday. Sunday's I have church till 1 or 2pm but after that could work as well.

AND I AM GETTING MY FAT BUTT INTO THE GYM, Especially since all the rest of you are already there!

Nicky said...

oh I also lost a pound! It's a start right!

Eryn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aunt Paula!!

Those daily pictures kill me, haha. I've been doing alright...eating healthy small meals, drinking plenty of water and taking the stairs whenever it's an option. I haven't really had much exercise yet, but I plan on changing that as the weather is getting nicer. I don't own a scale so I'm not sure if I've lost anything yet.

One thing I remember to be true is something my mom shared with me a yr or so ago when I use to go to the gym all the time. There is that point during your workout on a machine that you start to feel that frustrating burn and you can't go usually lasts about 10 minutes long and it's when most ppl hop off of the machine and quit...but if you push through that small uncomfortable transition, that's about the time the endorphins kick in and you could go for another hour if you wanted to. It's just getting through that short rough patch that discourages most ppl from staying on the machine for a long time. I dont know if that helps anyone, but it's true ;)

Mary said...

OK, was going to get serious April 1st, I like numbers and countdowns. That way I can eat everything in sight the two days before the big starvation. That way after a week of dieting I actually gain a pound. Messed up huh? Anyway, I started today. No if,ands or BUTTS! Aerobic 3x week and weights and/or Pilates 2x week. Dont underestimate the weights!
Wouldnt luck have it, I walk in to my office this morning, and due to Social Work Month a drug rep dropped off and set up a huge Pannera Bread display with everything one can imagine including chocolate croissants and pecan sticky buns!!
Holy Shit, willpower man....I had one pecan and ate my oatmeal pouting.
I had a mushroom sandwich and apple for lunch.
I am up to meeting for a mega walk on the canal path as a group once a week. We can rotate where we start from to be fair. Lets make a calendar if everyone wants to do it. This Saturday I am away, but Sunday I could do it...

Lora said...

Wow- you guys are amazing me! Great ideas about the baggies of snacks...working out tips, etc.

I'm up for a walk. Any time this week after 3:00 (or earlier if I don't get called to sub - if anyone's home during the day we can meet) and also free Saturday & Sunday.

For now - let's shoot for Sunday afternoon for sure and if a time is good for anyone during the week - we can meet then too.

Someone suggest a place. A park? The canal path? but no where near food!! Remember our aerobics fiasco Mary?...we'd meet in the parking lot and decide to go to Friendly's instead of going in (back when we could afford to do that...!)