Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day Four....

Is that US in the picture? was just bad dream.....
Last night the show I mentioned wasn't on! Not sure why - it was listed in the TV guide. Instead there was a marathon of Kate & Nate Plus Eight (that show about the lady with 8 kids...) Crap.

You guys need to check in daily with a comment. It only takes a minute. Just bookmark the site in your favorites and visit once a day. Comment if you've lost anything. If you've had a binge or a victory (saying no to the jelly beans) anything! It's the accountability that's gonna make this work for us.

So here's a little thing to get you going on the comment thing....

Name 3 things you HATE about being overweight. I'm sure there are LOTS - but just name three. These will be your motivators. (Susie - I'm counting on you for comic relief here!)

Here are my three -

I have a closet full of clothes I can't fit into...

I'm embarrassed when I run into people that haven't seen me in a while...

My gut sticks out farther than my boobs....

Another thing....Terri gave me the stuff for the Weight Watcher's Core Plan. It is pretty easy. If you want me to post it here - I can.

We have just over 10 weeks to do this. That's 2 pounds a week (translated = 7,000 calories less each than we're eating now per week OR 1000 calories less each day!) Walking 30 minutes a day will burn between 180-220 calories depending on your weight. Check out the Calorie Burner Calculator on the side bar or click on the name here. That means if you walk each day - you need to consume about 8oo less calories each day too.

I'm keeping a journal so I know what goes into my pie hole each day. Yesterday I did real good until I got home from school. I thought I had cleaned Austin's basket out of anything good - but there was a dark chocolate bunny hiding under the grass. He's not there anymore. I'm wearing him on my ass.

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Nicky said...

Alright, no comments yet and it is already almost 7pm... Well I am here!

Why I hate being overweight,
- My wedding dress doesn't fit!
- I feel like i'm in someone else's body.
- My wedding night is approaching, and I am embaressed for my fiance to see me like this.

I did really good all morning today. This afternoon I had a little binge fest. Luckily since I ate so light this morning my bingefest got full quicker and still kept me under my daily points allowance. But not necessarily a victory.

I am considering detoxing ( has a two week plan) I did it once 4 years ago just for a week with a friend. I lost 10 lbs that week and also felt more healthy than I had ever been. I was still eating all time. It was just a crap load of fruits and veggies and nuts. It was the only time I was ever able to carry out the holistic health process, probably because a friend did it with me, but I have not yet since been able to make it even 2 days. It's a bit extreme, but helps clean out all those pipes from all this gross build up we've caused from eating food that is most likely going to kill us one day. Any who, i'm considering doing it again, anyone else up for the challenge. (FYI: it's really hard! but if you can make it 4 days, it gets a lot easier. HOWEVER, you need to cut your exercise down big time while you do it for health reasons. I'm sure that won't be too big of a problem for the majority of us).

Let me know if anyone wants to join on the crazy band wagon. It's a good way to jump start eating healthy.