Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day Seven....

Mary...had to laugh at your last comment. Made me think of this pic!

It's day 7 - that's one whole week. Anyone lost any weight? Or are you all trying to get the motivation juices flowing? I'm down one pound. Not much...but it's a start. I've been reading up on all kinds of different ways to shed the blubber and I'm convinced that the only way to really do it - is to incorporate lifestyle changes that we can live with. Now and always. Other wise we'll just put it all back on and then some when all is said and done. And at that rate - we really WILL look like these pictures I've been posting.

Here's what I've come up with or my plan:

Breakfast - 400 calories

Lunch - 400 calories

Dinner - 500-600 calories

Snacks - 200 calories total

1500 calories - 1600 calories daily total (which seems like a lot when you're trying to diet -but studies show that eating too little backfires. Not only does it set you up for cravings because you'll feel deprived (and ultimately binge) but it slows down your metabolism.

Eating a good breakfast is the key. Which is hard for me because it's the easiest meal to skip. I'm not usually hungry in the morning and I've always figured by skipping, I'm saving calories I can eat another time. Obviously (see my ass) that doesn't work. And (again studies prove this) not eating breakfast sets you up for being ravenous at later meals and you actually consume more calories than you would have. Also - a piece of toast and coffee doesn't constitute a good breakfast.

Along with the calorie intake schedule I'm making sure those calories include fruit at least twice daily and veggies twice daily. I know...Wegman's says strive for five....but that's striving for me. I've also incorporated whole grains as much as I can. Anything that's a bread type thing - HAS to be 100% whole wheat. Pasta, bread, tortilla shells, pitas... (but it has to 100% - there's a lot of fakes out there.) Whole grains are really good for your heart and we have heart disease in our family. (Mom & Dad both had heart issues as well as Uncle Roger, Aunt June & Papa.) My Dr. told me with our history we need to be vigilant.

Finally I'm going to walk at least 3x week and lift weights 3x a week. The gym at Pearce is open and FREE if anyone wants to go there with me. I'm not sure about the hours though. I'll check.

So there's my plan. I've been sidestepping this weight issue for too long. When I see pictures of myself I want to puke. That fat person is not who I am and yet I've been letting it define me.

We are going to all look hot for that wedding. (Don't worry - Nicky - you'll be the hottest because you're the star of the show that day!) We'll be your awesome sidekicks!

So - let's get this show on the road and plan a weigh in/activity day. Let's post some losses here! if you have a loss - let me know and I'll post it in the side bar.


Debbie said...

Ok so I think I fianlly got signed in. I'll try to keep up with you guys. See ya later, Debbie

Susie said...

trying first.

Susie said...

OK it worked!
I love food too much to cut out the quantity I would need to get the results I want.
I joined the YMCA again and I went to work out Friday. I had a great work out. I have found that I need to work out for a full hour. If I can get past the 20 minute mark its like a switch goes on and the endorphines kick in and then I can work so much harder- try it, its true. the first 20 minutes suck and if you stop then you will always hate working out because you will never get that rush. And the rush stays with you all day, it creates more energy and just knowing that I actualy worked out makes me feel so much better about myself, and helps me control what I eat.
The thing I hate most about being a beast is that my stomach falls out the top of my jeans when I lift my hands in the air, My ass crack pops out when I bend over or sit down, threatening to suck everything in around it into the dark, deep abyss! A nd my breasts.... ( which are not really breasts at all!- They are just huge HANGING balls of fat) They almost fall out the bottom of my shirt.
And the worse thing is, Jeff really likes to snuggle and everytime we do I hate it because I have to position myself just right so if his hand wanders he worn feel the fat hanging off the side of the bed, or if I am sitting he might notice that I have 3 sets of tits. I think he notices all this allready, but he pretends not to care. But I do and its RUINING my sexlife.
Ok thats all. Thanks Laurie for putting this all together and keeping us motivated!

Paula said...

Ok, it was my b-day today and Mike and the kids took me out to lunch. I was good. I had a greek salad with grilled chicken breast. I also gave up the dressing--was alright. Then we went to Eastview (long story) and walked around for an hour or so. Didn't feel well all weekend so I did no partying--I guess that's one way to do it--no drinking. I am afraid to get on the scale but I am making myself tomorrow--let you know how it went--PRAY!! Susie I agree with you with the working out, my problem is getting motivated to get there-that's why I work at Jazz, makes me HAVE to go. I admit it, I am the laziest person I know...